• Paragliding: Pokhara

    Jul 26 • 1910 Views • No Comments on Paragliding: Pokhara

    Paragliding in Pokhara is a very special treat. It is not just another paragliding adventure trip but because it is in Pokhara it has all the reasons to be special. Gliding from the top of a mountain allows you to see the breathtaking scenery of the Fewa Lake

  • Educational Relief Effort: Nepal

    Jul 22 • 2599 Views • 1 Comment on Educational Relief Effort: Nepal

    Nepal has been in my bucket list for a future adventure and it is sad that it had to be after the devastating earthquake last April 25, 2015; we had to go. Knowing Nepal as adventurers’ haven, this time we come to respond and help people in Jogimara,

  • ONE VOICE: Central World

    Dec 6 • 2186 Views • 1 Comment on ONE VOICE: Central World

    Planning for a concert is suppose to be fun to do, but when we planned for the “ONE VOICE” concert, it’s entirely for a different purpose – not to have fun but to raise funds for the victims of typhoon Haiyan a.k.a. Yolanda. Right after the typhoon,

  • Dare to Make an Adventure

    Nov 4 • 1688 Views • No Comments on Dare to Make an Adventure

    We can never get over with our fears if we don’t try to face them. There might be one or two, but unless we try to face them, we will always be afraid of something. Arpha Vida is always an adventurer even when she was still little. Back when she was in

  • Searching for the Monsters

    Nov 4 • 1964 Views • No Comments on Searching for the Monsters

    Andreia Claudette, like her mother, enjoys the need for adventure for several reasons. Family ties, building trust and confidence to each other, health, experience, and knowledge; Andreia grew up with her dad fishing on the shores of Panabo, Davao del Norte,

  • Fish Tales to Tell

    Oct 14 • 1870 Views • No Comments on Fish Tales to Tell

    There is always a story to tell when you are an angler. Fishing is not just catching and frying, but it is all about how to get and stay on the fishing grounds, it is how we thrive and survive nature’s punishments outdoors, it is how we lure or bait, it

  • Fishing: A Passion for Life

    Sep 27 • 1940 Views • No Comments on Fishing: A Passion for Life

    One can never understand the feeling of being able to go fishing and the joy of fishing does not only limit to having a fish on, but by how much time you have spent outdoors enjoying nature’s beauty. It is not all the status, but is all about the

  • Crazy Horse: Chiang Mai

    May 21 • 2507 Views • No Comments on Crazy Horse: Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai is a dream destination for all who have come to Thailand or are still planning to come. There are a lot to see and enjoy in this culture-rich city. Ancient temples, night markets and bazaars, elephant shows, snake shows, adventure rides, trekking,

  • Khao Kalok: Hua Hin

    May 20 • 3438 Views • No Comments on Khao Kalok: Hua Hin

    Khao Kalok is a beach and a colourful community in Hua Hin of Pranburi. As a bay, the place is a haven of beach goers and site seers. There is a fishing village where there are restaurants and you can see people coming to dine and buy their favorite sea

  • Mt. Apo, Philippines

    Nov 1 • 2308 Views • No Comments on Mt. Apo, Philippines

    Trail: Kidapawan City Trail, North Cotabato Entry point: Brgy. Ilomavis, Kidapawan City LLA: 7°0′30″N, 125°16′33″E MASL: 2,956 Trail Class: 3 Difficulty: 7/9 Specs: Major Climb Days Required: 2 – 3 days Hours to Summit: 10-11 hours  

  • Koh Chang Adventure

    Nov 1 • 3322 Views • No Comments on Koh Chang Adventure

      Koh Chang has been one of the places we wanted to explore. We’ve heard so much about the beauty of the island from our friends and everything they said were all true.  We packed all our things in our trusty pick- up truck and started our road trip

  • Koh Si Chang

    Oct 14 • 2381 Views • No Comments on Koh Si Chang

    Koh Si Chang, a delightful historical island offering a treasure trove of pleasure such as the ruins of summer palaces, grand architecture and lots more! Koh Si Chang is the biggest island in the Chon Buri Province, off Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand. The

  • Unleash That Feeling!

    Oct 6 • 2170 Views • No Comments on Unleash That Feeling!

    There is so much Adventchore out there and you just have to embrace your fear and unleash your instincts in being outside to do what you want to do!

  • We Love Adventchores!

    Oct 1 • 1919 Views • No Comments on We Love Adventchores!

    Get up and live your dream! There is always an adventchore near you and all you have to do is find time and just do what you want. There will be different adventure that we will be featuring here in this website. Adventchores like mountain biking, archery,

  • Love Story with the Outdoors

    Sep 30 • 2050 Views • 5 Comments on Love Story with the Outdoors

    Arpha Vida Gumila Buga-ay I grew up near the beach and most of the time I’ve gone swimming with my playmates. Sometimes I got to go with my father to look for drift woods that we used as firewood. Almost every day, I walked for about two kilometers from our

  • Mountain Biking: The Joy

    Sep 29 • 2126 Views • 5 Comments on Mountain Biking: The Joy

    There are so many mountain bike routes here in Thailand and the trails never end. You can choose where your car can bring you according to your own convenience. In Saraburi, we have biked around, the trails are always surprising in all level of difficulties.

  • Karlo Diel: Climbing Mt. Kinabalu

    Sep 28 • 2367 Views • No Comments on Karlo Diel: Climbing Mt. Kinabalu

    Karlo writes from Kota Kinabalu and he has climbed this mountain for two times. He is getting ready to climb the mountain again in January of 2012. Mt. Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South-east Asia and it has always been a favorite Asian climb. karlo

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  • Nepal Earthquake: Back to School

    May 24 • 6744 Views • Adventchores has been around since 2002. We have done charity works that benefited people in Thailand and the Philippines

  • Silence the Storm

    THE EXHIBITION This exhibition of art works is a continuation of what we we started at Central

  • ONE VOICE: Central World

    Planning for a concert is suppose to be fun to do, but when we planned for the “ONE VOICE”

  • One Voice: Setting up!

    The event “One Voice” is coming and we were still trying to find solutions to a lot of

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