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  • Love Story with the Outdoors

    Sep 30, 11 • 2050 Views • Special Stories5 Comments

    Arpha Vida Gumila Buga-ay I grew up near the beach and most of the time I’ve gone swimming with my playmates. Sometimes I got to go with my father to look for drift woods that we used as firewood. Almost every day, I walked for about two kilometers from our


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    Most students wonder how their actions can make a difference in the world. They are, after all, just students with young minds. But whoever said that you need to be an adult to bring about a change?  A 18 year old can do just fine. Let me introduce to you

  • Mountain Biking: The Joy

    Sep 29, 11 • 2122 Views • Mountain Biking, Special Stories5 Comments

    There are so many mountain bike routes here in Thailand and the trails never end. You can choose where your car can bring you according to your own convenience. In Saraburi, we have biked around, the trails are always surprising in all level of difficulties.

  • Mesmerizing Wall: Ben’s Crag

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    Ben is a French rock climber who lives together with his wife in Khaeng Koi, Saraburi. You will not believe what he has for a backyard. His wall is just right across the river where you have to use a pulley to cross on a high-tension steel cable. This one is

  • Arpha: Mt. Apo Climb

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    Arpha climbed Mt. Apo, the highest mountain of the Philippines twice. First was when she’s 15 years old and the 2nd was when she’s 16 years old. Mount Apo was declared as National Park by late President Manuel L. Quezon on May 9, 1936 through