Mountain Biking: The Joy

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There are so many mountain bike routes here in Thailand and the trails never end. You can choose where your car can bring you according to your own convenience. In Saraburi, we have biked around, the trails are always surprising in all level of difficulties. Keep it here to know more about mountain biking here in Thailand and so much in Saraburi.

To know more about mountain biking trails, click: 

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5 Responses to Mountain Biking: The Joy

  1. Pao says:

    Hi! Mrs.Arpha what speed did you ride a bicycle? i like to speeding a bicycle but i dont like the mountain climbing i hate it! because its scary! when i see a high elevation! im scared of a high place and when i look below it’s frightened me did you have some tips for mountain biking? Of Course! i like to ride a bicycle but if ride a bicycle to a high mountain?! I WILL NEVER EVER GO!!!
    Please give some tips about riding bicycle on the scary mountain…

    • arpha says:

      Two Simple Rules

      When you’re hill climbing on a mountain bike, don’t think about too much else. Only two things matter:-

      1. Staying Seated and
      2. Trying Again

      As a beginner, these are the two things that can really help grow both your leg strength and your mental determination for hills. And while you’re focusing on those two rules your hill climbing technical ability will fall into place.

      Remember that the goal is simply to get you to the top of more hills. Never mind the speed at which you get there. Pedal patiently. Just focus on growing those legs and growing your desire to push on.

  2. Om hunter says:

    wow mountain biking sounds really fun 🙂

    • arpha says:

      Mountain biking a great way to see the outdoors and experience nature. You can discover great new biking trails and enjoy the company of friends at the same time. Make sure you are well – equipped with water and the right safety gear and you are ready to start mountain biking and having fun.

  3. sindy chen says:

    I had been mountain biking too! But is 2 years before, I had it in my own country.It’s fun, but very tired and it took me ages to reach the place where we should be.

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