Saraburi: Rock Climbing Routes

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Rock Climbing in Saraburi is endless. There are different routes in different places. Protected routes and boulders, to the bravest, are available and has been mapped and occasionally climbed. Adventchores will try to categorize these routes and sites in order for everyone to find them with ease.

We will also give detailed information on how to get there, climb, and gear usage.

Adventchores will also bring you to these climbing sites if you give us a call on our mobile 089-499-5052 or email us at You may also leave a message in the contact form located on the right hand-side of the homepage.

Keep it up here!

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8 Responses to Saraburi: Rock Climbing Routes

  1. Lydia says:

    I always had a thought in my head that at least one time in my life I would do bungee jumping and rock climbing. I love adventure too, but I am a little scared! I wanted to ask how long will it take to get to the top of a mountain and come back down again? Is it really safe to go all the way up there? I hope this adventchores journey continues, and I also pray that everybody stays safe! Hope you enjoy your next rock climbing trip and please may I also join you? I wish you have lots of fun and enjoyment in your next trip!!

  2. Jay Mc. says:

    I think it would be fun, if I was climbing the mountain.But I’m having fun with my bikes. It is the easier way to climb the hill. We use to have fun riding around or throught the jungle, so have a nice savety trip on the mountain.

  3. Bew says:

    I really want to have my own experience of having an adventure like climbing. I think having an adventure would be a really great experience and memory. When we have adventures like a rock climbing the safety will be very important, so I want to know that what we have to know and prepare before climbing in order for us to have a safe rock climbing.

    • arpha says:

      Bew it’s good to know that you have that adventurous streak in you. Rock climbing is really an exciting kind of adventure which requires a lot of discipline and precautionary measures. You can check out some of the climbing gears that we have posted. These are just some of the basic equipment needed for a climb. Hope you’ll have the chance to try rock climbing… soon.

  4. Dave says:

    Is it dangerous climbing the mountains? How many mountains have you climbed already?

  5. Ince says:

    I think it’s good to climbing the mountain. Sometimes I watch in the television and I was exciting. But I really like to riding the horse. And it was my good experience in my life and I love my horse very much. I like to riding a horse and went up to the hill near the racecourse and it feel so good.

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