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Most students wonder how their actions can make a difference in the world. They are, after all, just students with young minds. But whoever said that you need to be an adult to bring about a change?  A 18 year old can do just fine.

Let me introduce to you one alumnus, Kiang Meng, who had just recently graduated from NIVA International School in May 27, 2010. He had received a loyalty award for staying at NIVA for the entire 12 years of his schooling. Most of his friends define this quiet gentleman as an IT genius. He likes to download Hong Kong series as he understands Cantonese and buys lots of portable hard drives. This Malaysian young man is intelligent and unique. He is also the president of Grade 12M.

Kian Meng’s ambition in life is to become a doctor. He has a good heart and supportive parents. His mother wants Kian Meng to learn about life and about giving it back to the people. She believes that if in the future, the children of this generation are successful and prosperous, they should have already known how to give back to the community, the place where everything started. Each and every one of us should learn about this from a young age so we can fulfill our duty as responsible members of society and help others less fortunate than ourselves. The following paragraphs depict events as told by Ms. Arpha.

Kian Meng bought a copy of Ripples as a requirement, but as he flipped through its pages, he was deeply moved and was inspired to give his share in lending a hand to those in need. Without any hesitation, he just gave 5,000 Baht out of his own savings. He then shared the magazine to his mother, Mrs. Lim, who like him wanted to do the same.

From one copy of the Ripples Magazine, Mrs. Lim was able to encourage some of her generous friends to donate. The magazine stirred the hearts of Kian and Mrs. Lim’s hearts and the circle of influence grew bigger involving their family friends. They were able to gather a large amount of money from: Mr. John Iamranond, Mr. Ng Siew Wai, Ms. Celia Chan, Ms. Doreen Wee and Mr. Lim Chin Hock, that made a bigger community service program possible. Thus was the Ripple Effect of one good deed.

The Bamboo School, a Refuge for a growing number of Karen children, nestled between Kanchanaburi and the border of Myanmar was the chosen recipient of the joint effort of the Lims and the Ripples Magazine. A call was made to Momo Kat (Mother Kat), the founder and manager of the Bamboo School, to make sure that they will receive their immediate needs and arrangements for the visit were made.

Thirty (30) durable, blue plastic chairs were on top of the list, which would be used once school season starts. Sixty (60) pairs of socks for children ages one to sixteen. Spoons, Forks, Chopsticks, School Supplies such as Pens, Pencils, Papers, Erasers, Notebooks, Sharpeners, Scissors and other basic school needs. Some toiletries were included and a small utility cart was purchased to help Momo Kat move things around the school.

Early Morning of Saturday, April 9, 2010, Mr. Bernie, Ms. Arpha and Mr. Elcid boarded the train from Bangkok for a 5 hour ride to Kanchanaburi. They were met by Momo Kat at the train station, along with a volunteer from New Zealand who would be staying for a week in the bamboo school.

During the evening worship, the three NIVA teachers participated in the singing and giving of testimonies. After which the gifts/donations were opened and presented to the children. Even in a dimly lit room, you could see their happy faces, beaming with gratitude for the gifts they received before going back to Bangkok, the company of three (Mr. Bernie, Ms. Arpha and Mr. Elcid) decided to stay for a few more hours to help build a new church for the children in the Bamboo School Farm, situated near the scenic view of a lake just a kilometer away from the border and landmines of Myanmar.


The number of homeless, orphans, handicaps, abused, just to name a few keeps on growing every day and clearly there is a want for people who would not only feel but would also fill the needs of these less fortunate ones.

Written By:

Arpha Vida Buga-ay
Raisha Pradhan

To know more about the Bamboo School Click on this link: Bamboo School






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