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  • e+Lite: Petzl

    Oct 1, 11 • 2105 Views • Featured EquipmentNo Comments

    I never go out of my house without this equipment with me. You never know when you need it and it has proven handy. The e+Lite is waterproof, small, it has its own capsule for storage, and uses a small flat battery that can power the diodes efficiently. There

  • Grigri: Safe as Ever

    Oct 1, 11 • 3698 Views • Climbing Products & Reviews, Featured Equipment2 Comments

    The Grigri is manufactured by Petzl and it has proven effective. It is bulky and has some weight but truly it can be the ultimate belaying device. My wife uses this device with ease and convenience since there is always the insurance of a sure catch when you

  • We Love Adventchores!

    Oct 1, 11 • 1918 Views • Special StoriesNo Comments

    Get up and live your dream! There is always an adventchore near you and all you have to do is find time and just do what you want. There will be different adventure that we will be featuring here in this website. Adventchores like mountain biking, archery,