Grigri: Safe as Ever

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The Grigri is manufactured by Petzl and it has proven effective. It is bulky and has some weight but truly it can be the ultimate belaying device.

My wife uses this device with ease and convenience since there is always the insurance of a sure catch when you let go of the device and the rope. The locking system is automatic and the rope only slacks when you disengage the lever to slack.

Never go climbing without a Grigri and for more information please follow the link provided here: GRIGRI – Petzl


Review By:
Ali Bernie Buga-ay
Bernie writes from Saraburi, Thailand
Where the Adventchores never end!




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2 Responses to Grigri: Safe as Ever

  1. Tarintorn, Kanun says:

    So if we don’t have Grigri, can we use other things to lock?

    • arpha says:

      There are other belaying devices, with different brands. The reason why we featured the Grigri, is because it is known to be the safest. Even newbies can use it with ease and it’s reliable.

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