Bangkok Flooded

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It’s hard not to be affected by what is happening in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok.  A week ago, the Thai government officials, along with the new lady Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra were really positive that Bangkok will not be affected by the flood. Now, they are not so sure anymore. Residents of Bangkok are doing their best to protect their properties and the city. People from all walks of life, young and old work hand in hand in providing immediate help and relief to those who were heavily inundated by the flood. Many volunteered to pack sandbags which are used to block the water from overflowing to the city.

Sleep is a luxury that most residents in the affected areas can’t afford. Not knowing whether the water would rise higher in their areas or not. Many families were displaced and were forced to stay in evacuation areas. Others had to be contented in setting up their temporary shelters on highways and even on U-turn bridges.

The Thai government is trying its best to provide the essential needs of those who were inundated by the flood, but it’s just not enough. The crisis united the Thai people into one common goal in helping alleviate the flood crisis situation.

If you feel the need to help please do so.

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