Enter Bangkok: The Flood Zone

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Rescuing Angie my dear friend and her baby Aysz, is not easy as it was. I have to get ready for it. I already entered Bangkok and some flood zones unprepared and yet I was lucky to have survived the road dilemma, with my daughter Andreia as my navigator.

Entering the flood zone is risky, no one can tell what might happen to you in there. To people living and still doing business and all, they say it’s safe. Stories from friends has proven them wrong.

My friends told a different story of feeling safe. As they thought nothing could really happen, they were trapped, rationed and lost their belongings and homes as the water came like a “smooth criminal” taking everything on its path.

The motorways were filled with cars or vehicles of different brands and classes safe from the destructive force of water. Around these motorways are also homes, schools, business, and lives waiting for the reality to come as it already came in provinces around Bangkok, and some near by zones in Bangkok already.

What else can you wait for? You just have to leave the city. Warnings and possibilities has already been showed on TV, announced on radios, posted on online news papers, and printed on real news papers waiting to also absorb its share in homes and in the hands of eager readers.

Leave the city while you can! If nothing happens from where you were, what matters is you are safe.

Better safe than sorry!










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