Flood: What Else Can Happen?

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On the way back from Bangkok after Rescuing Angie and Aysz ,her nine-year old baby girl, we had to endure the long way back home to Saraburi for six hours. The road was fine and my adrenalin was kicking in, and everybody had to be patient as all would want to go away from the impending doom of getting trapped in the city of Bangkok.

On the road, somewhere after Nakorn Nayok, going to Kaeng Koi, Saraburi; we saw this truck, sticking on the back of one huge and long bigger truck. He must have fallen asleep as he was driving to the rear end of this bigger truck. No rescue has come yet, we can’t even stop to help. This was quite a shame on everybody on the road. The driver of the flat-bed truck was the only person trying to free him from being pinned down by metal, steering wheel and truck parts on his driver’s seat.

What else can happen? We can see the devastation that the flood has already done, and the volume of water going down to Bangkok is still going to create more havoc, and then this man, trapped in his driver’s seat waiting to be freed.

One can only try to eat his heart out to stop feeling the pain around and the fear of being victims of this great deluge.

To whatever Bangkok Post can tell, there is more to tell from people who really suffered and participated in helping people.


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