Julien’s Flood Defense

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I visited my friend Julien Ferrandon down in Lad Prao 101 last Saturday, October 29, 2011. He worked hard overtime together with his wife, Sunshine, making his perimeter defenses for the forth coming flood in Lad Prao, if ever…

Julien’s family, together, they did their best and they are ready to face all possible difficulties of the flood experience. In spite of all their preparations, food, water, fuel, and the fact that they can really escape the flood because they have five floors in their house, they decided to just leave the city and take a vacation for awhile.

Julien told me that it is a little bit disappointing that they have prepared only to give up the fight by leaving the city, he said it was expensive. But yet, they have made the best decision for this disaster by just leaving everything, it is not worth the challenge and risk. Already, people have died and suffered.

Julien and Sunshine, good luck to your safe vacation in Pattaya and may your wonderful kids enjoy the trip and fun over there. As always, “Better be safe than sorry.”


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2 Responses to Julien’s Flood Defense

  1. Sunshine says:

    Where are the other defenses photos in here? I had fun during the flood prep. I was a bit scared for my piano not for my kids (he,he,he…coz I know they/we will be safe in God’s hands) Now, I am having fun here in Pattaya with my family and friends. Later, I will be stressed not because of the flood but for being broke after all this THINGY!

    • Good to hear from you. I had few photos of your “flood defenses” and we were also in a hurry too go back to Saraburi. Must have enjoyed so much the early summer vacation (well, the fact that it is also really hot 33 degrees before winter? The thing is, we are all safe… The flood has reached Ladprao now, Everybody hopes that this thingy will be better soon. This has never been fun and this is now annoying to the max. My pink exhaust pipe is still on until the flood is over. See you guys soon. Apolo is enjoying his time here together with his family and Sherwin as well. Last Sunday, November 6, 2011,we had 24 kilos of mutton to cook in all delicacies and it was a good party to say good bye to friends that decided to go back to the “Water world-Bangkok.”

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