Toyota Vigo: My Life Boat

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Going back for the second time into the flood zone was a little bit hard for me to think about. My truck was only lifted up four inches from its original height and the new tires I bought are a lot bigger than the previous, but still, I wasn’t sure if I could make it again. Was it pure luck or blessing? God must have been using us and our truck to bring my friends to safety in Saraburi.

Picking up Angie and baby Aysz was another rist to take. The whole day of Friday, October 8, 2011, I took my truck into a shop and had it lifted again, now at least three inches higher from the previous height and I added a towering exhaust pipe that goes up two feet and a half from its original position. Then, that exhaust pipe? I colored it pink for everybody to see-it’s hot they need to avoid touching it.I also Asked Apolo Hablan, my dear friend, to put the Philippine flag on a long piece of wood and had it installed on top of my truck so that any Filipino on the road could see the flag that might need help, they can hail us.

Being sure now of the truck’s situation, I was ready to plunge into the flood zone of Bangkok for the second time. Now my truck can swim in the flood waters like a U-Boat of the Second World War.

Yes! With all confidence, I drove into the flood waters without any fear and doubts if I could make it to the other side. Preparing my truck to pickup Angie and Baby Aysz was crucial. I am saving lives, I have had to be sure that I could really do just that by also getting my truck ready.

Pink exhaust pipe, lifting my truck higher, and the Philippine National made the rescue mission possible. Thanks to all that helped me. My brother Glenn, my wife Arpha and my lovely daughter Andreia who inspires me to do Adventchores all the time by cheering me up when times are rough and tough.







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  1. Apple says:

    Thanks for this “life boat”( by: Mr. Bernie and family) …and for those who are still in Bangkok areas by now this is the best time for you to move somewhere safe and free from worries. I believed that things has to be sorted by priorities and for me safety is the first to be listed. God Bless Thailand and its inhabitants!

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