My Flood Story: Neil Philip Quinto

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I’ve spent my five years in Bangkok without experiencing any severe disasters, but around the year 2011 October 31, we had to evacuate from our place because of the big disaster that happened, flood. This was a very new experience to me, especially to my parents because it never was put into our minds that the flood would reach our place. The first sign of flood waters reaching our place was waters on the street number 85. It was still ankle deep when I first saw it, but soon after, the height of the water was half way to our knee. It was still not a burden to everyone around our place. What they didn’t realize is that the waters were going through the canals and water passageways. When they saw what was happening, they built a wall of sand bags around Yanhee hospital just in time to block the water.

We live near a place called Yanhee hospital in Nonthaburi. Our place is surrounded by the river Chao Praya from the North and the South. I’ve spent two years there in Nonthaburi without problems because I “thought” it was secure, but when this tragedy happened, I started to doubt the place where we lived in. People were dying around us because of the disease called Leptospirosis. It mostly came from rat pee which was in the waters. So, what we did was buy a lot of emergency food and water. What spent a lot of money than we could have ever imagined. Soon after, people started to come in our house asking if they could stay in. People suffer everyday and every minute, but I’ve never really seen it. Now I know how it’s like to feel so bad when people around you get sick and die.

So around October 31, our used to be music teacher Mr. Ali Bernie Buga-ay called my dad and told him if he can take us to his place. My dad thought it through and finally decided to make us go. It was a hard decision to make, but it was a good one because the situation in our place wasn’t getting any better. So we went out our place riding a huge dump truck with Mr. Sherwin and his wife and with some other people. My dad sent us to the place where we should meet with Mr. Bernie which was Lad Prao Food Land, and so we waited for Mr. Bernie in Food land for 30 minutes.

While we were waiting, we didn’t know that he had arrived already. I was wondering what the Philippine flag was doing on top of a strangers car. At first I didn’t notice, but soon I figured out that it was Mr. Bernie with his brother Mr. Glenn. I was relieved that we were leaving for Saraburi already. So we loaded our things on the car and took some pictures. I also noticed the pink exhaust on the car which was a number one sight to see. Everyone was laughing about it. So we took off for Saraburi taking high ways and shortcuts. A lot of cars were parked on the high ways because there were no parking spaces left. It looks more like a zombie infection rather than a flood tragedy.

When we were traveling, we passed this road which was traffic. At first, I didn’t know why its traffic because people should have evacuated already long time ago. What I didn’t see was that there were waters in the road we were taking. So we took another way going to saraburi. The other way went to was also flooded. It looked like a car floating in water. The exhaust of the vehicles was already submerged under water. It took us quite a while to get out of the flooded road. While we were traveling, I, Mr. Sherwin, and his friend were talking about movies and animes. One piece, naruto and dragon ball were the main topic we were talking about. It was fun talking with adults who watch teenager stuff. So it cheered my up because they’re not so different from me. After a few hours of traveling, we finally reached Mr. Bernie’s house, tired and exhausted.

Being able to experience this kind of challenge created a huge memory inside my head that I would never forget. The flood, people trying to survive, and people trying to help created a massive change inside me. Even though I still have the habit of over using the computer, the experience I felt would really change me. It boosted my faith in God because I saw myself praying almost every day because of the flood. So I’m really happy that I changed quite a lot. I thank God for the kind people like Mr. Bernie for thinking of us always when there’s danger. I thank God for protecting us always and being there in need of trouble.

Neil Philip Quinto
NIVA Internatiional School
Grade 9

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