Ayutthaya: Agatha – Devastated Home

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The Pun-an family live together with Delf and Aloha in Mong Thong Tani for almost a month, and a soon as the flood subsided, they returned. As they walked in their home, there is nothing that they can use. Everything was swallowed by the dirty water and all they can do is dispose of them for these utensils and things my cause more sickness.

They cleaned up their house so they start over again but the dirt and the stench made them sick. Today, November 12, 2011, my family and some friend will bring some fresh water. clothes, kitchen utensils, an some food for them to use for now.


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4 Responses to Ayutthaya: Agatha – Devastated Home

  1. agatha says:

    Mr.Ali Bernie Buga-ay and his team quickly respond to our needs. Thank you so much for all the assistance you’ve given to us. We are so grateful. Truly, we have ‘kababayan’ out there who have the heart to give and share their blessings. Your team is such a blessing to others and may you continue to touch other lives. We will never forget you all. You will always be in our prayers. God bless you more.
    From Pun-an Family

    • Hi Agatha and Jerrick,

      We are very happy to share what we have, some friends here in Thailand and from other countries shared too. It is a pleasure to bring all of these to you from all of us at Adventchores and Friends.

      God bless you! Keep in touch!

      Adventchores & Friends

  2. evelyn says:

    We salute you adventchores! Thank you for your concern, time, effort, dedication to help and prayers that you have given to us. God bless you!

    • Hi Evelyn again, we were at Agatha’s last two Saturdays ago and we missed you there. We will try go back to Ayutthaya this week or the next, we still have to bring something for you. Only, we don’t know where you are. Maybe you can guide us to get to you.

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