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This is the request of Agatha after they suffered from a great deluge in Ayutthaya. There was nothing left for them to come back, everything was ruined and they had to leave immediately when the there was still time. Water was rising so fast and they will be trapped there to their doomed had they not left on time.

We packed what we could pack in order for ust to bring right where she was and her friends. We gave what we collected from friends here and abroad.

Her letter:

Hi.This is Agatha Cristie Pun-an. We were affected by the flood in Ayutthaya and stayed at Muang Thong Thani for almost a month.
Mrs. Aloha C. Pagaduan told me that your willing to give us assistance and just e-mail our request.

Pun-an Family’s Request:
– kitchen utensils
– pillow and pillow case
– blanket
– curtain
– box for clothes
– mineral water
– groceries
– clothes:
a.) Tin-Tin: 31 waistline – female
b.) Jerrick: 33 waistline – male
c.) Jamie: 3yrs.old – girl
d.) Niko: 2yrs.old – boy

Evelyn Ortiz Mallari, aunt of Aloha Pagaduan was affected by the flood too and would like to ask for help.
Mrs. Evelyn Ortiz Mallari’s Request:
– kitchen utensils
– pillow and pillow case
– blanket
– groceries
– clothes: 32 waistline – female

If you have other assistance to give we are grateful to accept it.
I’ve attached pictures of our home after the flood.
Thank you so much for the assistance that you will give. This means a lot to us and we will always have this gratitude to you.
God bless you more..

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Agatha Cristie B. Pun-an



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3 Responses to You Request: We Respond

  1. agatha says:

    An impressive response of adventchores to the need of the Filipinos affected by flood here in Thailand. Truly, they have the gift and desire…to help people in need. Our thumbs up to the adventchores! ..! Thanks again and God bless you more.

  2. evelyn says:

    Thank you adventchores for sharing your blessings to us.God bless you more..

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