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There are a lot of friends here and Thailand and from different countries who shared their little to others we would like to thank them. We are sorry we can not produce your images in our website. we will be posting your names soon.

Thank you so much!

Pastor Deva and SDA Christian Community Church
Mae’s Parents
Andreia Claudetted Buga-ay
Bernie and Arpha Buga-ay
Hubert’s Mother
Friends Who Care to Share
 We thought that two weeks after our last visit to Ayutthaya, things would be a lot better for the people who were severely affected by the flood in Thailand. We couldn’t believe that the place is still flooded even as of this writing. Many of the farmlands are still under water and those areas were water has receded is still not suitable for farming. Almost five months after the flood hit Thailand and still a lot of people are in need of help.To our friends who shared their blessings, we thank you so much for making it possible for us to go out every weekend to give relief to those people in the remote areas of the provinces of Thailand.
Ajarn Prachak Chindamat
Ajarn Prachak Chindamat is the Concert Master of the Saraburi Community Orchestra based in Saraburi, Thailand. He found encouragement to give even new branded clothes after Bernie and Arpha presented the burden of helping the flood victims.With the clothes he has given, for those who lost everything, they can already go back to work with fresh new clothes. Thank you Ajarn Prachak for donating these fresh branded clothes.If you happen to find us and you are a flood victim in Thailand, please feel free to send us your location and telephone number so we can bring or send the goods to you.Look at the clothes below and try to choose your color and may be fit, if you send your exact clothing preference.
Ellen Soreno Lecciones
A beautiful mother of three handsome sons, who is now based in New Zealand. She has always been helpful. We have personally been blessed by her generosity at that time back then when others turned their backs on us. Karen Carpenter’s incarnate – her voice is exactly just like hers. A fighter who never gives up despite of what other people say.
Rea Rubuta
Our elementary class valedictorian – who I last saw when she attended our high school graduation. Happily married and is now based in California. After I told her of the flood situation, without any hesitation she responded to the call for help and sent her donation.
Melany Ramasola Myers
We call her Melai – funny, witty and a good friend. It’s been more than 10 years since we last saw each other. She’s blessed with a beautiful family and they are now staying in Japan. When she heard of what happened to Thailand, her first question was, “how can I help?”Dan and Wendy BaroiFun loving couple who love the outdoors. They don’t want their names  published, but it’s worth mentioning to serve as a good example and inspiration for others. So that others like them could also share their blessings to those who are in need. The clothes, bed sheets and pillowcases they gave would definitely give warmth to those who received them during this winter season. 




Redge Sausa

An all- around handyman who is always ready to help those who need his help. Be it an IT problem, personal problems and needs, classroom decoration, program coordination, and what have you, he’s the guy you can always call for help. He helped collect donations especially from our friends in the church.






Glenn and Charity Buga-ay


Charity begins in the family so they say, so when we first started all these, we  called on Glenn and Charity and asked them to give whatever they can. They came with bags filled with clean and ironed used clothes. They then helped us in                               packing all the clothes and the rest of the goods for distribution.



Nheal Grace Baer

Bernie’s former clarinet student who is now a medical Technologist by profession and a successful businesswoman in Davao City. Spongebob’s biggest fan – (she loves anything with Spongebob). She easily shifts from being a Businesswoman, a Medtech, a Wife and best of all a Mom.






Jennith Darryl Ligue

Jennith is a dear friend and we shared so much fun and joy in the past. She played the tuba in our school band in college and it was fun playing music together. Her former boyfriend, Randy who also played the tuba, was my best friend. So, we shared some real fun together.

Jennith is now happily married and they have two children. Jennith lives and works in Ireland together with her family. Our dear friend, thank you so much fr sharing your blessings to the people of Thailand.














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