Bringing Goods to Agatha & Jerrick

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Bringing the goods from Saraburi to Agatha and Jerrick was one heck of a trip. We had all our goods ready from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm in the afternoon Saturday November 12, 2011. We had the car ready, checking all the necessary fluids for the trip, refueled, and refilled the air of the tires. We were all set except we have never driven to Ayutthaya from Saraburi. It is going to be a whole new adventchore for us to take.

With us were our daughter Andreia, our brother Glenn and two of Bernie’s music and art students back then – Neil Philip Quinto, and his sister Lorna Mydes Quinto. We wanted them to learn the joy of participating in a real community service. They have been staying with us for three weeks now, after they escaped from the flooding in Bang Phlat.

After Arpha ironed and sorted all the clothes according to sizes needs, segregated goods for two hours with Andreia, Neil, and Lorna, we were ready to go and bring the needed supplies to Jerrick and Agatha’s Family. We passed by Hinkong, through Pachi going to Ayutthaya.  On the way, we saw that on both sides of the road it’s still flooded. Residents of that area had to use boats to get to their homes. Farms were totally under water and farmers turned from farming to fishing to meet their family’s needs. Roads have become areas for temporary shelters as it is the only dry area where they can pitch a tent, dry their rice grains and keep the only belongings they have left. That was truly a heartbreaking sight to see, a lot of people still need help and something must be done.

After some calls and asking for directions, we finally got to Jerick’s and Agatha’s home. They were very happy to see us. Not only because we brought them some much needed help, but because they have seen some “kababayans” (fellow Filipinos) who care. Their son was sick, maybe because of stress and the water that they have been using. Their house looked better already but you could still see the waterline on the wall of their house. The water was almost two meters deep outside of the house and inside it reached up to a meter. Everything and everyone in the neighborhood have almost gone back to normal. You could see the traces left by the flood. People are still talking about it, but life must go on.

On the way home, we have made up our minds to continue doing what we can to help more people who need help. We are very grateful to all of our friends who have been so kind enough to share their blessings. In a special way we would like to say thanks to Rea Sangalang Rebuta, Melany Ramasola Myers, Ajarn Prachak, Ellen Soreno and the parents of the members of the Saraburi Community Orchestra.

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