Donations: Food Water Clothes

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We have received some ore donations on food, clothes, kitchen utensils, and some other stuff. We thank every one who shared whatever that they have to the flood victims in Ayutthaya and Pachi.

We implore everyone who are reading our stories that if you have little to give please give. There is still so much to be done. Just today, when we shared noodles, water and some clothes to one falmily on the road to Ayutthaya, there are more people who need help. They showed up after we have given to others and they were asking if we could give them some more clothes for women.

We are sorry, we gave everything already and we will try our best next week to come back with the California Prep International School students as they will tag along for their community service.

The Following who donated these goodies below:
Dan and Wendy Baroi
Pastor Deva and SDA Christian Community Church
 Ajarn Prachak Chindamat
Mae’s Parents
Melany Ramasola Myeres
Rea Rebuta
Ellen Soreno
Glenn and Charity Buga-ay
Andreia Claudetted Buga-ay
Bernie and Arpha Buga-ay
Hubert’s Mother

Adventchores would like to thank you all….


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