Second Trip to Ayutthaya: More Help

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We had another chance to go to Ayutthaya last two weeks ago, Saturday afternoon, November 26, 2011, and it was really rewarding. Instead of going way straight into the inner city, we decided to just start with the people visible on the road. We came into a stop in front of a house still half of it under water. Then an old man on the other side of the road greeted Arpha and Andreia as they took the goods out of the back of our truck. The old man gladly received all the goodies that Arpha and Andreia gave him and I can see him from the left side mirror as he was smiling every time Arpha tried to use some of her unrehearsed Thai words. Andreia helped out in speaking but it was still difficult though she study’s the Thai language at school.

Khun Toon, who owns the house on the other side of the road, joined right away to help out with the goods. His house is still underwater and it is so hard to imagine how they actually survived the situation until today.

Khun Toon, was very thankful and happy, yet I could see still the horror  on his tired body as the result of the great flood in Ayutthaya. His house is half submerged in the water that day, but during the peak of the flood, it was way under the water and they have come back now to restart their lives together with his family with hope that they can recover fast.

We shared to more people around as the stuff we had was so much for one family,  a guy came with a happy face and we gave him some instant noodles, clothes, water, and some other things. He gladly carried the goods on his motorcycle and went his way to bring the stuff to his family.

We saved some for the next trip, but instead as we were driving back to Saraburi, on our right, we saw a family living in a tent, right next to a “waiting shed” and they were in bad condition as the family is to big for such a living condition.

Arpha asked me to stop and Andreia accompanied her to bring some goods to the family. They were delighted to see them and they gladly received everything that they can have of what was left after four people.

More people came walking out from the soi (dirt road) that was only passable by a boat. They said they need more. Their houses are still under water and they don’t have clothes to wear anymore.

We promised them with shame that we will be coming back, we are not really sure to come back though, because we are running out of goods at home. We gave them just about everything for that day.

We wish to go back to Ayutthaya, there is so much work to be done there. We only try to do our best little by little. Friends and whoever may stumble upon our website, please let us know that you are able to help so that we could bring the goods to the people that are in need now. it is not only Ayutthaya that has been devastated, there are more places, we can only do as much and we can only try hard enough.

Thanks to all that tried to help.

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