Donations from Jennith and Nheal Grace

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Jennith Darryl  and Nheal Grace donated some money to be used in buying goods for the flood victims of Ayutthaya. Again, as I mentioned several times, Ayutthaya is not the only city that has been devastated by the flood. We focus our energies there it is because there are a lot of farmers that have nothing now to grow because their lands are still under water.

The government has been serious now in getting rid of the water so that these poor farmers can get back to their own lives. it has not been easy for them. They never had been making money because they had to flee and when they have come back, they still had to wait for the water to dry and clean up whatever that has been left for them by flood.

Thank you Jennith our dear friend and to my faithful student Nheal Grace. Thanks also to your families. There will be 2o families or people that will receive that goods coming from you today. In the bags of goodies will include: 2 kilos of rice, 6 bottles of water, 3 packs of coffee, 3 big cups of rice instant porridge, 3 packs of chicken noodles, a pack of vermicelli, 2 cans of sardines, a pack of cookies, and more.

Today is December 18, 2011, Sunday. It is cold outside but we are ready to go soon and we are excited to bring the goods to the flood victims of Ayutthaya.

There are more friends that are sending help and we are waiting for them to do so. There is so much to be done and we can only do as much. Thank you all.

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