Dr. Phakdee’s Pond: Tilapia Assault

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Teaching my Daughter to Fish 500

Fishing: Family Activity

I always bring my family to fishing trips. Imagine the boredom that they suffer from me is just amazingly unacceptable. But to solve that problem, I did not have to worry. They love fishing as well.

This is my daughter Andreia, she is 16 now, and I have taken her out to sea since she was three years old for fishing. The love to outdoors was the first lesson we taught her when she was small. The internet, games, smart phones are not the things that kids should focus into. The family must be creative in making worth to remember bonding family activities.

I would leave my daughter on a swing on the beach while I was shore fishing in Davao City, Philippines. In the afternoon, we would go home with my catch, Arpha would fry the fishes and Andreia would wait for her share at the table.

Fishing is a passion that even at Dr. Phakdee’s pond we fished. These are big Tilapia fishes that we caught using traditional fishing, the bait this time, Gardenia’s fresh baked bread.

We caught three during this sessions and we cooked them at Dr. Libato’s house. “Ginataang Tilapia” was the menu. We enjoyed the fish together with Del, Ning, Mr. and Mrs. Libato, Russel, Michael and Michelle, and it was fun as we talked about so many funny things in life as we cooked together and dined together.

Build activities with your family that may make memories that will last a life time. After all, living should be fun with family and friends. This is an adventchore to tell.

Fishing Gear

Rod: Short Traditional Rod (no reel mount)
Line: 5 to 8 pound line (length should be as along as the rod)
Accessories: swivel 1 cm 
Bait: Bread (make marble size ball of bread hiding the hook inside, make it thick and compact)
Leader Setup: Six inches line with swivel and # 6 to 9 hooks will be fine. 


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