Koh Chang: Revisited

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Fishing Trio 500 Revisiting Koh Chang was an exciting trip. We went there together with three families and two trucks. My Brother Glenn and his wife Charity, their son Eion, and there mother. Elcid and Manilou, together with their children Neil and Lourna whom I love so much like my kids.

Arpha and Andreia were as much like travel guides since they already know the place. The long drive from Bangkok to Koh Chang was as fun as the destination. We had all our gears ready. I had my two mountain bikes on top of the truck, my fishing gear, and our camping ensemble. All ready for fun.

When we got there, we fished right away  but only to catch nothing since it was already dark. We waited for the next day to test the waters and found ourselves enjoy the game of fishing. Fish after fish, we caught enough to cook and show off. Glenn's Catch 500

It was a chore for Glenn to learn the trade of fishing but he was able to catch a good one later that day. It was funny because Eion, his son, was shouting at me, “Tatai (Filipino word for uncle or father)! Please don’t get all the fishes, leave some for my Dad.” We had a good laugh about his comment.

Fishing Duet 500

The comparison: hahahaha! we laugh just about anything on the beach. So when I caught one fish to get a photo, Glenn came running with his own catch.

Bernie & NeilNeil and I, we were partners in catching and fishing for squids for bait and for whatever that we did. Fishing was fun and the boy liked it. The idea of being able to survive and catch one is a welcome success to any adventurous growing teenager. Fishing is fun, to us it is a family thing, it is better than watching movies.


Fishing Gear

Rod & Reel: 8/10/20 pounds
Line: 20 pound line (length should be as along as the rod)
Accessories: swivel 1 cm, Sinker (depending how far you want to cast)
Bait: Squid (sliced in short strips)
Hook: Size at your own discretion, preferable no. 9 and above
Leader Setup: Wire leader or Nylon Leader Six inches line with swivel and # 6 to 9 hooks will be fine






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