Climbing Again: Nam Pha Pa Yai

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bernie lead climb pa yai 500Like heavyweight boxers, we decided to go back to rock climbing last Thursday April 25, 2013. The last climb we ever did was four years ago and the fat accumulated now is so much that we could make soap out of it.

We went to visit Nam Payai where Ben and Joy are running a rock climbing place. Carefully choosing a route was important since we never had a pre-run or even a climb preparation. We just went for the real thing. Crossing the river was fun to get to the wall, we had to go for the fun Zip-line ride.

Leading the climb was difficult to start with, we had to learn over again and pulling my self up to secure a sling was almost impossible. We were determined to really do it again so we enjoyed the rest of the day.

The Zip Line was also a treat if you make it to the other side, unless you stop before the end of the cable, arpha pa yai 500then you have to pull yourself by hand to get to the other side which happened to me two times. This family activity is always worth the trip and physically rewarding.

Arpha belayed and she is always good at this though she andreia pa yai 500had to recall the basics of it we were able to work together in putting protection on the rock so that we could do our physical activity. Andreia did also her climb and she had to remember how it was done, she climbed when she was just on the fifth grade.

The family needs to be scheduled with different activities that can develop trust and confidence to each other. It may be cooking or cleaning, as long as the family is together happy memories can always be made to remember.






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