Endurance: Wall Climbing Big C

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arpha big cBack in 2007, at Big C Lad Prao, I started climbing together with some friends. Ardie was the one who introduced everything to me together with other friends like Wendell, Shari (Ardie’s wife now), and few others. We had a regular schedule to meet in training. We also went out for the real thing in the provinces.

Arpha and Andreia also started their climb there. They had their first top roping and boulder training before we even went to Lopburi and even Chiangmai’s Crazy Horse.

Going back for the first climb is quite something to really be excited about. We were andreia big cheavy and gaining strength in our arms and fingers is now a chore. We had to go back to the basic. All of us.

The wall at Big C Ladprao, Sports World, is managed and Maintained by a good friend Majid. He has been there for like five years now. He designs routes, changes the holds every now and then, creates community of climbing, he launches regular competitions for every climbing enthusiasts to enjoy with for good fun and friendship.

Soon, we will be living in Bangkok again and we hope to keep a good routine schedule at Big C so that we could get back to this exciting physical activity.






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