Khao Kalok: Hua Hin

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Khao Kalok is a beach and a colourful community in Hua Hin of Pranburi. As a bay, the place is a haven of beach goers and site seers. There is a fishing village where there are restaurants and you can see people coming to dine and buy their favorite sea foods.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was in February 6, 2008 that three families decided to have a road trip together. Destination, Khao Kalok, Hua Hin. Elcid and Manilou, together with their children Neil and Lourna. Melwyn and his children, Michelle, Tina, and Michael. Bernie and Arpha, together with their daughter Andreia.

It was a long weekend and they decided to just enjoy a peaceful time on the beach for three days. Going to Hua Hin, we left Bangkok at four in the afternoon in the van that we hired to bring us and return us back to Bangkok after three days.


We reached the place at about ten in the evening, we got lost a couple of times on theOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA road, it was difficult to find the way in to the beach area, it was already dark. As soon as we got there, we pitched our tents; the morning was great as we discovered that we actually camped at the fishing village where there were beach cottage and a restaurant. We cooked two different cuisine, Indian and Filipino foods.

Melwyn cooked his Dal and Chapati, and Elcid his famous Filipino food,”Saluyot.”

We bought some fishes from the fisher men as we grilled and fried fresh fishes from the catch of the day. We also had activities like star study, conducted by Master Guide Elcid, knot tying by Bernie


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter breakfast, we went to the beach front where a cliff and a hill formation made of limestone and solid rock, altogether, form a beautiful formation. The natural structure had caverns and cave tunnels connecting from one place to another.

The trail guide was always helpful and he spoke to us clearly with the best English words he had for a guide. He took us to where the path begins. We followed and climbed steadily up the hill covered with mangrove trees and rock and limestone walls. He showed us the cave entrance and the passages to the other side.

On the top, each of our families posed for our family photos. Photos that showed how our children have grown to be what they are today. They were very young, eager to have adventure.

After a while; watching our steps, we slowly flowed the guide again as he led us to the other side of the hill, where a jagged rock cliff OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAheld steps for us leading to our final destination. The trail ended where the path on the side of the cliff was already the seawall. We had to jump into the water and follow the side going to the beach.


We gathered some beach chairs together around a table, ordered a lot of grilled fishes and ate our lunch. We allowed the kids to play in the water and we just joined them later. We swam for four hours, playing around and just trying to enjoy the feeling of salt water on our skin. We missed the ocean so much.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Next day, we went back to just do swimming and swimming, e never had enough of the beach and the saltwater.


Arpha and I got the climbing gear ready for our first easy climb and the children were so excited. After leading the climbing to get the rope ready for the climb, Melwyn, Elcid, and the kids queued for their turns to climb. Everybody were proud to have made it to the top. Beach goers were watching us and it added more attraction to the beach activities.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe route right by the roadside was also fun. It was already five in the afternoon after I setup the route by putting on the rope for taking climbing turns. People were more interested to watch the spectacle of us climbing, our children took turns. Elcid did his turn, Arpha belayed most of the time, and finally Melwyn decided to climb when it was already darker.

There are several routes to work on at Khao Kalok. My wife and I are not experts, we climb just for fun. Life needs to be fun or else what’s the meaning of living every day.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALight camping gear is fine to bring, there are restaurants by the roadside during the day but they also close early during the night. Though couples of bars are open until midnight, it is best to have some proper food before the restaurants are close.

At Khao Kalok, it is busy during the any Thai holidays, the Talat life setting is fun. Toilets can be found at strategic places for your comfort. Rooms or small inns are available for those who want the comfort of an air-condition system. It is not an expensive holiday place to go. Camping, Swimming, Fishing, Hiking, and Rock Climbing altogether in one adventure at Khao Kalok.


There are easy and difficult routes to work on at Khao Kalok, bring at least 15 to 24 quick draws, links or rings, abseiling or rappelling devices, and other essentials. The routes are bolted, but one must be careful since the routes had been used by climbers often so they might not be in their perfect condition. Extra precaution is important!


To see more of the photographs taken during this adventure please scroll down below. We can never forget the fun and the joy we experienced together with Melwyn and his kids Michelle, Tina, and Michael. Elcid and Manilou together with their kids, Neil and Lourna. Finally my wife Apha and our daughter Andreia.

These lovely people will always be remembered. Melwyn moved to Bangalore, India, together with his family. Elcid and Manilou are living right beside Yanhee Hospital where Mainlou is working as a nurse and Elcid in a Thai public school while their kids are still going to NIVA International School.

We moved to Saraburi together with our daughter Andreia for more adventchores to experience. Soon we will be going back to Bangkok to live between Ratchada and Ladprao. We will be frequenting Big-C climbing gym with Majid. Life has a lot of surprises and they are always fun.














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