Crazy Horse: Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai is a dream destination for all who have come to Thailand or are still planning to come. There are a lot to see and enjoy in this culture-rich city.

Ancient temples, night markets and bazaars, elephant shows, snake shows, adventure rides, trekking, you name it they have them all. The nights are never boring. Massage parlours are just about everywhere, bars for night life, and restaurants too. The city is not only famous for these entertainments. Education, yes, Chiang Mai is a home to several well-known universities, Thai schools and international schools alike.


In December 20, 2008, we took the eleven hours train ride to Chiang Mai in a first-class car in order for us to be comfortable for the long trip. The accommodation was okay and air-condition  system was perfectly fine, we had beds beds to lie down for the whole night. We were comfortable.

To get to Chiang Mai, you can use a car, train, bus, or even the airplane if you want to get there really fast. For the train, find the Thai Royal Train Station website and book for the ticket. Airplane, you can book from any agency to get to both international airports, Suvarnabhumi or the Don Mueang. By car is fun becasue you can stop anywhere you want to enjoy more of the culture on the road. The bus is few hours faster than the train and it only stops to designated stations for some meal or break.


In the city of Chiang Mai, there are a of hotels ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive depending on your travel budget. The restaurants are also great, the street foods are the most easy to take since they are always authenticated Thai food or Indian food.

You can walk around the city and satisfy your appetite to food, culture, shopping. There is so much to buy. make a schedule for the most important places to visit so that every place can be seen. You don’t want to be in a hotel and just watch your favorite TV show.


Going to Crazy Horse is not a difficult. Find the local climbing shop first to get some advice or information about the climbing routes. Rent some climbing equipment if you don’t have some. They have everything from novice and advance climbers. Arrange and vehicle to take you to the site an usually you might go along we foreign climbers and of course the guide.

Routes at Crazy Horse are ranging from easy to difficult. You can always get the fun you want if you are just an average climber and if you want the most difficult ones, then you can get it too.

It was more than six months that I haven’t climbed when we went to Crazy Horse, I had so much weight to carry (even worse now), we had no equipment because it was just a spur of the moment decision to climb. We came for the culture and history, we took our mountain bikes with us and no climbing equipment.

We rented at a famous climbing company in Chiang Mai, people there speak really good English so you wont get things wrong. The owner and his friends I guess is an American and they know exactly what they are doing as professional climbers.


The lead climb was easy to start with and I did not even realize that it took me more than fifteen quick-draws to get to the top though it was easy. My family and I never climb the difficult route, we climb for fun. Sometimes we try the hard ones just to know if we could. I took a long time fishing the lead, I was already tired and out of practice, so I took my own sweet time.

We took turns in climbing, Andreia and Arpha were excited to take their turns. Andreia took some photos from the top. Our mother was with us so she cheered us as we took turns in climbing.



You can camp at Crazy Horse and you have to camp at your own risk. There are vehicles that can take you there to camp on site or by the road side will be just fine. Bring light camping gear enough to cook and to sleep over. There are cottages right there to get shelter from rain or of the heat of the day. Always ask the local guides of what can possibly done during the camp. Also, beware of your belongings, we had a bit of an experience when we went up to climb right there.


There are easy and difficult routes to work on at Crazy Horse, bring at least 15 to 24 quick draws, links or rings, abseiling or rappelling devices, and other essentials. The routes are bolted, but one must be careful since the routes had been used by climbers often so they might not be in their perfect condition. Extra precaution is important!

Renting is also fine. Find the local climbing company and they can always guide you to what ever they need. They are experts there, they know what to do all the time.

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