Kho Sichang: Siracha

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Koh Sichang is an easy get away island from the buzz of the city life in Bangkok. A maximum two hours drive, the island offers a lot to each one who wants to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, site seeing, quiet time, and especially fishing.


The island is located in the province of Chonburi, the town is Siracha,forty-five minutes drive from Pattaya. There is no other way to get there except by boat and you can’t take your car there. You can take the regular ferry or a speedboat from Siracha. When you get there, you will find people that can fix you a hotel, a motorcycle, or a toktok to take you where ever you want to go.

There is no need to make reservations most of the time on the island. The hotels or rooms are always available except during Thai public holidays. Though it’s packed with a lot of people, still you can find a place to sleep for a night or two.


Take the Sukhumvit highway or fellow the express way to the Suvarnabhumi Airport, then follow the green signboard that says Chonburi. Drive for one hour to Chonburi and go to the town called Siratcha. Find the pier and take the boat for 45 minutes. The last boat will be at 6:00 o’ clock in the evening. Be sure to be on the boat by then. Find your bungalow or camp on the beach as you want.


We never tried sleeping in a hotel room for the five times that we have been there. We pith our tent on the other end of the island. It is peaceful there and everything is just perfect. During the night you can see the Pattaya from a distance, lights and reflection of that city glimmers from the horizon. Yachts and boats pass by two small islands that makes it beautiful to be there as you see everything, the sunrise and the sunset.


A good tent for rain and strong winds, we had winds to 30 kilometers per hour the last time we were there and it poured a lot of rain on us too. We camped there in different seasons and we have no expected heavy rain and strong winds during summer. The winter is cold and it is great to be there. We brought along portable camping gas stove, sleeping bags, hammocks, swings, rain covers. It should not be a heavy camping over there if you spend few days.

If you have rented a motorbike then you can go to the nearest 24 hour store like Seven Eleven which is the only one there. There is a hospital and a police station. It is a big community.

With our experience we have use firewood from fallen trees on the island and there is so much to gather. Building a camp fire during the night is is really a fun thing to do.


There are different ways to fish on the island. Deep sea, shallow water, surf fishing, shore fishing, from a the port or water structures, there are plenty of options for fishing. I like the shore fishing. I am not a fan of jigging or lure fishing. I enjoy the action in bait fishing. There are different species of fish to catch at Sichang and the catch can already make you enjoy different  fish menu for dinner or lunch.

Be ready with different kinds of rigs, there are huge fishes that may eat your bait and you can be lucky of catching the big ones.


Rod & Reel: 8/10/20 pounds
Line: 20 pound line (length should be as along as the rod)
Accessories: swivel 1 cm, Sinker (depending how far you want to cast)
Bait: Squid (sliced in short strips)
Hook: Size at your own discretion, preferable no. 9 and above
Leader Setup: Wire leader or Nylon Leader Six inches line with swivel and # 6 to 9 hooks will be fine










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