Thailand Bouldering Competition 2013

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Hanging onThailand Bouldering Competition ParticipantsClimbers from all over South East Asia came together to join the 2013 Thailand Bouldering Competition. Participants from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand competed in the men’s and women’s categories at the Queen Sirikit Convention Center last May 18- 19, 2013. The qualifying round was done in May 18 and the following day May 19, the Final round was judge.

The hall’s air-conditioning system was very cold but the atmosphere was abuzz with excitement as each climber tried to finish the seemingly impossible routes prepared by the best bolters of Thailand. Only a few were able to finish the routes. The climbers were given 3 minutes to finish each route. With the clock ticking every move of the climbers were calculated.

Girl ChampsThose who were watching were also holding their breath. There were moments of silence when the climbers seem to have a really hard time reaching for the next hold and the crowd went wild when they’re able to make the right moves, especially if the hold is a sloper and they’re able to hang on to it. The climbers were feeding on the audience’s reaction to their bouldering skills and the audience was happy to give them the encouragement that they needed.

It’s a true test of endurance. There were times when the climbers looked really frustrated and with their muscles shot.  It takes a lot of focus and physical strength to finish a route. For some of the climbers, despite their powerful grips their hand and fingers slipped off the holds. A friend who is also an avid rock climber commented that the routes prepared were really difficult and fit for the Extreme Games, must be because the judge for the competition is a certified Extreme Games judge. He was very meticulous and carefully watched every move of the climbers.

IMG_1205The winner for the Men’s category is a 15 year old Professional Rock Climber from Thailand, who’s being mentored by a good friend – Majid, the Manager of the PTClimbing in Bangkok. The boy has been training for years with Majid and the bond between Mentor and student is quite evident. For the women’s category a cute girl from Malaysia bested the rest of the competitors.

Competitions like this help promote rock climbing as a sport. It makes the public know that such kind of sport/activity exist and can be done as a professional or even for fun. Rock Climbing and Bouldering is gaining more popularity. It is considered as an extreme sport but it can also be done for exercise and fun. Pretty much like what our family is doing. We do it for the love of adventure and reaching the top.

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