Baby Monsters

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Arpha and the baby monster fishLast January 22, 2013, we drove around Saraburi’s outbacks just to look for a freshwater game fishing park. We head out at three in the afternoon and we could not even find the place. We were told to follow a certain road and ended up driving through rice paddies.

It was already 7:30 p.m., it was dark, we were exhausted, we can’t find the park. We stopped by the road and saw some people playing the Sipak Takrao, we asked them where could the fishing park be and one of them showed us the direction.


It was 8:00 p.m. then and we still decided to find the park. We were gonna get there or just forget it the next day. We made a turn to a small rough road that led to a dark unknown place, we followed and after five minutes of driving, on our left, we saw an arch we the game fishing sign in Thai.

We thought it was it! We drove inside, the road was covered by smoke from the dried leaves that people in that park burned. We called and shouted, “anybody home.? It was really dark, no lights, the house was spooky. Dog were barking, then a man came running asking us what we were there for. we answered in a duet, Fishing!

He said this is crazy, it is dead dark, you can come back tomorrow; the man spoke in fluent English, so lucky for us.

He said, you can try fishing now, we actually accept people during the night but you have to make reservations. “Just try it tonight and come back next time.”

raising the fish upLIGHTS ON

He turned on the generator, asked his assistant to help us out with the set up, we had our rod, we prepared, and soon we were casting into his lake. We caught three handsome-baby-monster fishes. Catfish specie. This kind of catfish can even grow bigger than what you can see, Arpha had a hard time reeling them in. It was fun for her. She caught them all, I was busy fixing her rigs and sorting her lines before she could cast.

It was a date worthwhile with my wife, we are meant for adventure. We will always have adventchores until we are old.

Thanks to the guy we gave us the chance to fish!










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