Shore Fishing: Sichang

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Beginner’s Luck

Last June 1-2, 2013, for the fifth time, we visited Sichang Island in Siracha Province, an hour drive getaway from the insane traffic of Bangkok. This time we had with us another lovely couple Sherwin and Sheila. After beating the super heavy traffic in Bangkok we reached Siracha at almost 2 in the morning. We were welcomed by Tweety (nee Salavaria) together with her husband Boy into their home. The following day we attended church with them and had so much fun having fellowship with the members of the church. Right after having a hearty meal we headed to the pier on the way to Koh Sichang. Packed with our fishing equipment and camping gear we were ready for an overnight stay and Sunday long fishing fun.

It’s Sheila’s first time to experience an outdoor adventure but the good thing is she’s excited about the whole thing. While the men went out to get some stuff. I taught her how to prepare a campsite and pitch a tent. Sherwin was a bit worried that his girl might not be able to adapt to the situation as everything was very basic. No electricity, toilet and water except the ones in bottles. But she did just fine and was actually enjoying the whole experience.

While Sheila and Sherwin went around the island, Bernie decided to do a little fishing and was able to catch some fishes which I cooked for supper. We had fish soup from a fresh catch. With just Onions, tomatoes and a little salt the soup tasted like no other. Not to be outdone, right after supper Sherwin prepared his fishing equipment and together with Bernie caught more fish that night. Sherwin proudly presented his first catch to Sheila and had a photo taken together.

Thunder, Wind & Rain

That night we had to contend with a very heavy rain and strong wind. The tents that we brought are not designed to withstand that kind of weather. Good thing we were better prepared this time and we were able to bring some tarps that we used as an additional flap for our tents and we were able to sleep without getting wet. The thunderstorm was quite scary though and it seems like it’s about to hit us. Usually in Thailand rain does not last long, but that night it lasted until the morning.

The following day we had fish again for our brunch – some fried and the rest cooked in a sour and spicy soup. For the two men – they were happy to see their catch being enjoyed in a meal. It’s a mixture of pride and fulfillment. The taste of fresh fish is worth all the preparation and the trip to the island. Bernie didn’t stop fishing until about 30 minutes before we had to leave the campsite. Some of the fish we were able to bring home and are still waiting to be cooked.



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