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  • Fishing: A Passion for Life

    Sep 27, 13 • 1939 Views • Special StoriesNo Comments

    One can never understand the feeling of being able to go fishing and the joy of fishing does not only limit to having a fish on, but by how much time you have spent outdoors enjoying nature’s beauty. It is not all the status, but is all about the

  • Koh Larn: Disappointing trip

    Sep 18, 13 • 2349 Views • Fishing TripsNo Comments

    Excited to go fishing to a new island, in July 20, 2013, Arpha and I left Bangkok on a Saturday late afternoon to catch the last boat to the island. We love cruising together, forgetting time, stopping at gas stations, talking about anything in the car. Great

  • Khao Laem National Park: Kanchanaburi

    Sep 17, 13 • 1766 Views • Freshwater FishingNo Comments

    Khao Laem National Park is a welcome surprise to all adventurers. One cannot be prepared on how beautiful the scenery to behold as it is revealed by cruising around the lake using a long-tail motor boat. Khao Laem reservoir is a man-made body of water dammed

  • Koh Larn: Pattaya

    Sep 17, 13 • 2564 Views • Saltwater FishingNo Comments

    Koh Larn is a small island for beach goers forty five minutes of boat ride from the city of Pattaya. Koh larn has been know for fishing island community back in the days. It has also a secret, beautiful beaches. Since the influx of foreigners from different

  • Dan Mai Fishing: Koh Chang

    Sep 17, 13 • 1756 Views • Fishing ShopsNo Comments

    We have known Khun Dan for two years now at the island of Koh Chang Trat. Fishing on this island has been really memorable as our family would go camping and enjoy nature to its fullest as we swim, sleep under the sky on the beach, as we fish, and finally as