Khao Laem National Park: Kanchanaburi

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Khao Laem National Park is a welcome surprise to all adventurers. One cannot be prepared on how beautiful the scenery to behold as it is revealed by cruising around the lake using a long-tail motor boat. Khao Laem reservoir is a man-made body of water dammed to produce electric energy for the country. Though it is man-made it is also located in the heart of the Khao Laem National Park in which everything seemed to be natural.

Cruising around with the long-tail boat, one can see all surreal mountain and rock formations. Petrified trees shooting out from the still water. When it rains, as if water is poured directly from heaven, the taste, smell, and the feel of rain is heavenly. Birds and all kinds of animals on the banks loiter, as they are at home.

With all of these natural beauty-fishing is the greatest experience.


Camping at the park is possible. One can also take an accommodation along the lake shore or take the boat across the lake to dwell on floating houses. Camping can be done on the grounds allowed. A resort owner may allow and it would be a great experience.


Crossing the Chaopraya River to Prapingklao, follow the highway to Nakhom Pathom. From there, follow the road to Kanchanaburi. After two hours of driving from Bangkok, Kanchanaburi is a given treat of a destination. There you will find the famous River Kwai and the World War II cemetery for those who died building the infamous bridge and those who fought to destroy it.

Upon Reaching Kanchanburi, and follow highway 323 going to Thong Phaphum. This road leads to Khao Laem National Park, it would take another two hours. Don’t forget to ask people directions, it is for free.


Bring tents that may take the punishment of a rain forest, bring also extra fly to cover your tents for extra precaution. Clothing for rain and cold. Bring your power chargers or solar gadgets to recharge your electronic gadgets.

If you are driving to Khao Laem, then you may bring adventure stuff as much as you want. There are boats to take you wherever. Bring your water-resistant bags or clothing.


You can bait or lure fish at the lake; we prefer lure fishing. Take your floating or sinking lures with you, choose the right colour and size, fishes can be picky.


Rod & Reel: 6-12 lbs Rods, casting or spinning reels according to choice
Line: Heavy PE line or regular 6-12-20 lbs line
Accessories: swivel 1 cm, Sinker (depending how far you want to cast) for bait fishing
Bait: Bread or Bait Fish
Lure: Rapala FLR – 10, BMX – 10, CDSR – 8 and frog lures
Fishing Pliers, ScissorsĀ 


Long sleeves shirts
Fishing Gloves
Hat for rain and the sun
Fleece jacket

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