Koh Chang: Mueang Trat

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Koh Chang is a lovely place to go for a vacation and the fishing on this island is just simply amazing since this island is located away from the big cities of Thailand like Bangkok and Phatthaya. Located Southeast of Thailand, the last frontier before Cambodia; Koh Chang is a show case of nature. Though there are plenty of bars and hotels already on the island, yet, fishing is still amazing.

Shore fishing, jigging or lure fishing, or what ever you may call your fishing discipline; this island is a great place to fish. Having your own gear, you can go straight to any place you want to go for fishing, you can rent a boat or just fish on the beach or on rocks. There are a lot of fishing companies that offer fishing trips and they can be expensive if you don’t know how to deal in the local language. Fishing trips with offered commercially are offered in packages that one may choose, choose carefully so that you may get what you want as presented.

Whatever that you want to do on the island for the sake of fishing, surely you will have fun. By the way, one can find local fishermen that rent their boats at a very cheap price; find them and you will save some money for something else.


The first time that went there we paid for a hotel room for one night that was so disappointing. The hotels were full and we were not able to get a good room. Though it was really cheap, it wasn’t worth it because the room was dusty not prepared to take in customers. That was the reserved room though. Having been booked before you have traveled to Koh Chang, one can get the best accommodation from a cheap hotel to a five star hotel.

The second time we were on the island, we made it sure that we would be camping on the beach which we did. Bring extra power source for your electronic gadgets if you are camping far from the main road, electricity may not be available.


From Bangkok, drive on the Sukhumvit highway; follow on for eight hours (90 – 120 kph), when you get to Trat, look for the pier to Koh Chang and take the boat to the island along with your car. One can also take the airplane from Bangkok, well get a ticket to Trat and fly. The bus can also be a fun ride, it stops at designated stopovers so one can rest and stretch his legs.


Bring a good tent, one may not know when it is going to rain, a tent for the tropics that can take a lot of rain and survive the pouring. Knife, sleeping bags and all basic camping things. If you are driving a truck or a car that would be an extra factor since you can bring more gear with you. Your fire can be made by picking up drift and dry wood that can be found on the beach, if you have taken your own stove then it would also be fine.

For rain and cold clothing are also needed, swimming gear and snorkeling, are also important to bring. You can take whatever that you want according to the kind of transportation you take a long with you and the kind of place you want to camp on.


There are different ways to fish on the island. Deep sea, shallow water, surf fishing, shore fishi

ng, from a the port or water structures, there are plenty of options for fishing. I like the shore fishing. I am not a fan of jigging or lure fishing. I enjoy the action in bait fishing. There are different species of fish to catch at Sichang and the catch can already make you enjoy different  fish menu for dinner or lunch.

Be ready with different kinds of rigs, there are huge fishes that may eat your bait and you can be lucky of catching the big ones.


Rod & Reel: 8/10/20 pounds
Line: 20 pound line (length should be as along as the rod)
Accessories: swivel 1 cm, Sinker (depending how far you want to cast)
Bait: Squid (sliced in short strips), Bait fish
Hook: Size at your own discretion, preferable no. 9 and above
Leader Setup: Wire leader or Nylon Leader Six inches line with swivel and # 6 to 9 hooks will be fine
Jigging and Lure fishing gear of any kind can also be used on the island (According to where you are fishing on)

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