Koh Larn: Pattaya

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Koh Larn is a small island for beach goers forty five minutes of boat ride from the city of Pattaya. Koh larn has been know for fishing island community back in the days. It has also a secret, beautiful beaches. Since the influx of foreigners from different parts of the world, fishing has been a history and almost everybody on the island bank on tourism as a source of income.

Some body told me about the beauty of the island and the possibility of fishing. Yes, I went there only to be disappointed, the beaches are great but fishing is already a history. Though you can still fish there, I saw people and joined them fishing on the pier. I went around to find a good shore fishing spot and it took me a awhile to find it with Arpha. I tried to buy some sinkers at the local fishing shop, that was very very expensive, more expensive than Koh Chang which is eight hours drive away from Bangkok. Surely the people there are really taking advantage of the tourists coming in, we almost got played of our ride to a resort as well. The fare from the town to a resort was just 30.00 Baht per head but he charged us for 300.00 Baht for just one way. We discovered though and avoided that trouble.


Yes you can camp at Koh larn provided that you find a beach that will allow you to do that. It is a very small island and almost all the beach areas are owned by somebody or a resort is in control. To find a camping area is crucial.


From Bangkok, drive on the Sukhumvit highway; follow on for two hours (90 – 120 kph), when you get to Chonburi, follow on the highway that gets to Pattaya, go to the pier and find the boat company that ferry people to Koh Larn. One can also take the airplane from Bangkok to Pattaya, but is a short distance to drive and taking a bus will also be fine.


Bring a good tent, one may not know when it is going to rain, a tent for the tropics that can take a lot of rain and survive the pouring. Knife, sleeping bags and all basic camping things. If you are driving a truck or a car that would be an extra factor since you can bring more gear with you. Your fire can be made by picking up drift and dry wood that can be found on the beach, if you have taken your own stove then it would also be fine.

For rain and cold clothing are also needed, swimming gear and snorkeling, are also important to bring. You can take whatever that you want according to the kind of transportation you take a long with you and the kind of place you want to camp on.


There are different ways to fish on the island. Deep sea, shallow water, surf fishing, shore fishing, from a the port or water structures, there are plenty of options for fishing. I like the shore fishing. I am not a fan of jigging or lure fishing. I enjoy the action in bait fishing. There are different species of fish to catch at Sichang and the catch can already make you enjoy different  fish menu for dinner or lunch.

Be ready with different kinds of rigs, there are huge fishes that may eat your bait and you can be lucky of catching the big ones.


Rod & Reel: 8/10/20 pounds
Line: 20 pound line (length should be as along as the rod)
Accessories: swivel 1 cm, Sinker (depending how far you want to cast)
Bait: Squid (sliced in short strips), Bait fish
Hook: Size at your own discretion, preferable no. 9 and above
Leader Setup: Wire leader or Nylon Leader Six inches line with swivel and # 6 to 9 hooks will be fine
Jigging and Lure fishing gear of any kind can also be used on the island (According to where you are fishing on)

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