Koh Larn: Disappointing trip

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Excited to go fishing to a new island, in July 20, 2013, Arpha and I left Bangkok on a Saturday late afternoon to catch the last boat to the island. We love cruising together, forgetting time, stopping at gas stations, talking about anything in the car. Great time to catch up with whatever we missed during our working days.

We missed the boat in Pattaya to Koh Larn so we decided to sleep with friends, skipping the expensive hotels and the fuss of being around Pattaya. I really hate to be there, the city is crowded and it is all about nightlife over there, the sense of adventure of being on a beach or the outdoor has been over shined by city lights and the buzzing sound of the city alive during the night.

We decided to catch the first boat in the morning so we woke up early, packed our things and drove to the pier. On the way to the pier, the roads were closed for as early morning marathon, we saw signs leading us to another route to the pier. We followed and followed only to find ourselves lost; there were more road blocks and barricades for the running event. The pier at times was just a couple of blocks away, but we can’t go through. We decided to make some rounds and found ourselves a parking space, we paid for that spot and walked towards the pier.

The piers was crowded, no fun for a quiet fishing adventure, we got our tickets and boarded. The ferry took us to the island for forty-five minutes and as we disembarked from the boat we found ourselves on a newly built modern structure of a pier right next to an expensive beach resort.

It was already 10:00 am and I was really annoyed. Late for fishing, we were tired, hungry, and I needed to find some sinkers before I cast my first bait into the ocean. We found dinner at a place after a motorcycle ride that charged us we a lot of money. I tried to asked the locals for the fishing grounds, I found my sinkers and bait and I paid so much for both at least triple the price as I had then in Koh Chang.

We took a ride to a beach front (we were almost overcharged), the place was rocky, I was expecting a lot of reef fishes, but I had only one “fish on.” I caught a lovely size of a grouper and then no more. The action stopped and I was annoyed and angry of the time running out and the rocks taking in my sinker.

We decide to go home with disappointment. At the other side of of the island, there is another pier. We decided to take about quickly and just go home. I realized that I will be going home without a good catch, I told Arpha if we could go back to the pier where the ferry docked in the morning so I could make up with the time left. It was 2:00 pm and we could still cast some bait and wait for a good fish to fry. We went to the pier and setup our equipment, I stood where the other fishermen stood for the whole day. They had an ice bucket, almost filled with fishes and I saw them there at the pier earlier. I thought I would be going to a better fishing spot but ended up with a lot of regrets. The guys that stayed right there slept on the pier for two nights of just fishing, they had two days to reel in that much, proving that fishing was not that exciting over there anymore.

Waiting for the last boat, I tried my best. The last boat was already there, I tried to keep fishing, Arpha was already forcing me to leave. I decided to let the day pass with one grouper caught. We got in the boat and just tried to call it an experience that i really don’t want to remember. Imagine! Late for the first boat, expensive fare on the island, expensive food, expensive fishing stuff, no bites and it was quite a disgust.

Koh Larn is great for beach lovers, fishing is history over there. Almost everyone turned into tourism.

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