Khao Laem: Bernie & Elcid Adventure

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Khao Laem National Park is a fishing experience one cannot forget. It was exciting! Well fishing is always exciting, but when you are at the same time surrounded by a surreal scenery, it just takes your breath away. As an adventurer, I can never close my eyes and just fish, I am a landscape painter at the same time and every time I turned my eyes towards a horizon, I seem to forget everything, fishing? Nah!

One can forget everything because this park takes you to another dimension. A scenery that spells HEAVEN!

In August 29, 2013 we started off from Bangkok, with my dearest friend Elcid; we left Phrapinklao at 1:00 o’ clock in the afternoon. Thinking to go west and follow the route 323 to Kanchanaburi, we thought it was just a two hours drive. But then there are three hours more to Thong Pha Phum, somewhere in Sangkla Buri. We arrived in Kanchanaburi late afternoon and we thought that the Khao Laem would just be another thirty minutes of driving, we were wrong. It took us another three hours to get there at 18:30 in the evening.

At 19:15, the fishing guide caught on us and took us across the lake for our evening’s rest. We woke up early, had our coffee and of we went in a Long Tail boat with our fishing guide. He brought us to different parts of the lake and we were both struck in awe as we discovered beautiful and amazing earth formations reveal by the lakes horizon.

As the boatman brought us from one spot to another, instead of being worn out, we were refreshed and encouraged by the by the surreal scenery that our eyes could behold.

The first spot we caught nothing and he took us to another, Elcid had a snag and it was a small snake-head, he was reeling it in but the fish got unhooked and it was a miss.

We tried and tried again and again, a spot here and there there were no fishes. We went to a bushy area where tall grass grew in a massive formation like an island and we changed our lures into oranges bright frogs. Elcid got a hit, the fish just swallowed his lure. Before that, Elcid was asking me about so many things like: can the fish swallow such lure? Is the line the right colour? How would the fish devour such a big lure? I told him, “they strike.”

Few minutes after then, the fish just had Elcid’s lure swallowed with a frightening splash on the water. He had a fish on. I took photos of him reeling the fish in, I was so happy for him to catch such a big arm size carp and if ever he stuffs the fish in the refrigerator, the length will be too long for the freezer. Elcid caught another, and the day just went on for him with another and a miss.

Mean while, it was really mean, I who brought Elcid and much more experienced fisherman than he is, caught nothing. I was quite annoyed about it since my casting was good and far. I caught one later in the afternoon and it got away as the creature just pulled the lure into the deep and had it caught in the water plants that is so abundant in that lake.

It made me asked a lot of questions. Elcid was using a Rapala BNX 10 minnow and the colour was brownish-gray, I was using another Rapala minnow and the belly was silver white and the sides to the back is apple bright green. I felt it was really impossible since that lure has already been tested and proven by my good friend Ao who is a Rapala representative. I bet it must have been the colour of the day or the right colour presentation to the fish. I can’t blame myself and the fish, some days are really empty.

We took a lot of photos and we decided to head back to the floating houses where we slept that night  so that we could go back home before dark. i was disappointed and happy at the same time. Rain was on us the whole day, but as heaven poured its nectar on us, we both felt like it was a bliss of shower. We were so happy.

Driving back home, I was going 120-140 on the road, we need to really catch up before I become too tired to drive home. It was one heck of an experience and we would like to go back there again and again.



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