Fishing with my brother: Jasper

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I never had time spent so precious with Jasper, my bother, except fishing together in Koh Sichang. Needless to say, Sichang is always a charm.

I knew that he was coming to visit me here in Bangkok and I scheduled a fishing trip with him in order for us to just have time together. He never knew how to hold a rod and use a fishing reel. Everything was so new for him and what we just had for fishing when we were little were bamboo sticks or the best of them all are bamboo twigs that resembled and acted like carbon fiber fishing rods of the modern fishing days.

He had a lot of questions which I answered them all with practical application as he cast his first cast and caught his first fish. It wasn’t hard gor him to learn he caught on it quickly that he enjoyed it so much.

We started fishing at 11:00 pm last September 5, 2013. We went straight to Sichang pier and joined some guys right there already had there bait in the water. We tried, but it was too long for us to wait so I decided to bring him to the other side of the island. Rocky side, yet fishing there is a lot better.

We stayed until 1:00 am, I caught one and Jasper got encouraged. He had his line snagged on rocks all the time and he was complaining how he wasted a lot of my wire leaders, I told him to just use as much, we have at least five hundred of those that I made before the fishing trip. He finally caught one and he did not want to leave anymore. We decided to hit the hay, we drove our rented motorcycles back to the small house that we rented.

Our sleep was great, we had good air-condition system, shower, Thai cable TV lolz, a kitchen with a tiny refrigerator, and it was all perfectly fine.

We woke up early at 6:00 am to go to the other side of the island hoping that the fishing would pick up from there, but instead we caught nothing except for a Puffer Fish. Nice, we don’t eat this kind of fish and it is said to be poisonous. We decided to just go to another area where my family would camp for three to four days during holidays. There, we caught one, two, three, and more. Fishing at that area has always been great for me and I know exactly where to cast that my sinker doesn’t get caught in between rocks and seabed things.

We caught at least fifteen palm size fishes and then it was noon time, we did not eat anything for breakfast, we only had some snacks with us and some drinks; so we were content of what we had until we were already exhausted in fishing. The sun was up and it was hot, I can stand with the rod in my hands for the whole day, but my brother can’t. It was the first time for him. We left the place at 1:00 pm and rested under a tree on the beach. We had some more food and drinks then I just went into the water for swimming. I stayed in the water for an hour and then my brother joined me.

In the afternoon, we were in a hurry to tour around, as it was the first time for him on the island, so that we would be able to see scenery and tourist spots and take some photos. We did that and we took the five o’ clock boat back to the mainland.

We kept our fishing gear into my truck and we went out for a pier restaurant where they grilled and fried some great taste fishes and we enjoyed our meal. After that, we headed straight back home to Bangkok with some great brother to brother fishing moments that we will never forget for a lifetime. Thank you my dear brother for coming over, surely you have enjoyed, I have enjoyed so much the time we spent together in Fishing.

For him to enjoy more of his life, I have given him a complete set of fishing gear; rod, reel, hooks, sleeves, swivels, leader, fishing pliers, and all. Enjoy life my brother, “Fish enough-enjoy much.”

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