Khao Laem: Snakehead Assault

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The Khao Laem National Park trip with my lovely wife Arpha, was something to really treasure forever. We were so excited about going back there for her to get a total experience of a scenery that resembles a bit of heaven on earth.

Fishing was our agenda but yet our road trip was filled with more fun and adventure before we reached our final destination. We stopped here and there, went inside “Emjaroen Gallery” in Kanchanaburi, took some photos at the famous “Bridge on the River Kwai,” ate local food on the road and more.

Because of many stops on the road, we reached Khao Laem National Park at 7:00 pm and we had to find a place to pitch our tent. We went straight to Vajiralongkorn Dam and asked if where we could camp for the night. They showed us the camping site, it was well maintained, it had shower shelters, lights around, it was quite a comfy and we only paid 120.00 Baht for each one. We saved a lot than sleeping in a hotel or a resort at the lake. In the morning we hurried kept our belongings while we were cooking rice, we prepared our coffee and off we went to the lake.


Driving to the lake was easy and the morning mist was glazing the park’s emerald forest and the silky reflection of the sunrise on the lake. It was cold, we tried to keep our eyes on the right hand side where we see the lake, we needed to find the road to the shore where our boat ride is waiting. We missed the road and we actually went in already, I got confused because the landscape changed as the water was higher this time. We phone our contact and finally we got there at 8:00 in the morning as we thought it would only be a ten minutes drive from the park we slept during the night.


The lad was waiting for us for an hour already, we loaded the boat with our fishing equipment, food, and clothing. We expect it to rain all the time on the lake so we were so prepared this time. The lad took us to a fishing village where the house are all floating on the lake. They farm different kinds of fish there but we came for the Snakeheads and the Carps as they grow in the wild. After few minutes of a boat transfer, our fishing guide, Khun Tai, piloted the boat to where he thinks that fishes maybe for a start.

We tried at the first location and we had nothing. Then he said that we don’t waste our time here, we go to the next location. There I cast my best, Arpha joined me casting and it was futile there was nothing. He took us into a narrow strip of water and there suddenly I had a strike a “fish on.”


I was so shocked to know that it was a snake head, since I had my lure changed over and over again into different colours just to know what is the best for the day. I reeled in the fish and Arpha was so excited taking photos of what is called the “Snakehead.” It was a grand moment and we all cheered about it.

We changed location again and the Khun Tai took us to a canyon formation and there were a lot of fallen brown leaves on the water and I cast, cast, cast. Boom! Another huge and bigger Snakehead hooked and fighting. I landed the fish in the boat and I tried to carry it, it was heavy. I pulled it up by the line and it was slipping and it hurt like fire, I had to have a photo of this one, Arpha was so ready to take shots after shots as I had this fish in my hands.


We had lunch in the boat, our pilot moored right beneath a cliff, we had shade, and we ate the food that we prepared early that morning. It was actually our breakfast and lunch since I have forgotten to eat. I had coffee in my Nalgene and that’s why I was up all the time. We tried a new location and I had two fish ons that really freaked me out.

One Snakehead had a strike and missed but another really huge one was a story to tell.

This Snakehead was really waiting, it was huge and ready too strike at any susceptible meal for the day. As I cast my frog lure, he just darted at my lure like a torpedo and swallowed it, it tried to fight back, I tried to reel him in, he got off the hook and I was so freaken disappointed. When I was reeling in the remaining length of my line, it just snatch the lure again pulling it down deep into the lake, then he got off again chasing my lure, as I can see the vicious predator coming for the lure again, I stopped reeling, then it also stopped, I was dumbfounded of the action going on.

Then I tried to reel in near to the boat now, then this angry fish just went for it. It tossed my lure three feet above the surface of the water and left a big splash. Wow! it was an excitement.


After these two encounters, I had like six strikes again from the Snakeheads but they all missed. During lunch I tried to look at the lure why I missed the last six strikes. The hook assembly was broken and the sleeve that kept the lure parts together was in the way of the double hooks. I fixed that during lunch and we went for another location.


Our day was going to end, Arpha was suffering of a massive headache. We expected it to be raining and it was hot during the whole fishing day. We decided to find a toilet. What? In the middle of the lake? Our guide understood and he took us to a floating houses community where we had our backs rested on the floor, we used the toilets and slept for a awhile.

After thirty minutes of rest, viewing, I also did some sketches, Arpha took photos, we headed for the the last two locations. There we tried to be lucky again. We were!

We had another fish on! I thought it was the biggest Snakehead, I was wrong. It was a huge carp (Pla Choob). I reeled it in and it was a day ender catch. We tried another location but fatigue was already kicking in. My muscles were sore and we really had to stop.


We really want to have great moments together and we can’t just spend it in a mall or a cinema. Relationships are built and maintained according to great unforgettable moments together with your immediate love ones and even best of friends.

Come join us, we have more adventchores to make!







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