Dare to Make an Adventure

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We can never get over with our fears if we don’t try to face them. There might be one or two, but unless we try to face them, we will always be afraid of something.

Arpha Vida is always an adventurer even when she was still little. Back when she was in the elementary, she would go to school and go home alone as instructed by her parents. Getting the hang of doing things on her own she develop the sense of independence at a very young age. She would take a long trip in a ship for several days on her own, climbed the highest mountain in the Philippines twice even without proper equipment.

She tried to herself in so many ways. having married to a woman who wants to see the world is a real challenge. She has her own ways to see the world. Though she comes along with me anywhere I go; rock climbing, fishing, biking, camping, and all, she sees the world in a different perspective.

her sense of adventure dares the soul to experience true adventure!

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