Searching for the Monsters

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Andreia Claudette, like her mother, enjoys the need for adventure for several reasons. Family ties, building trust and confidence to each other, health, experience, and knowledge; Andreia grew up with her dad fishing on the shores of Panabo, Davao del Norte, Philippines.

Everyday her dad would go out early at 6:00 in the morning to catch a school of fish that comes to shore only when the tide is going low. Her dad would set her a hammock at the shore; with her Dr. Seuss books, a stick to play with, some food, and other thinks that she needed when her dad is out to the sea.

Bernie would leave her for two or three hours right there, she would skip on the sand, draw anything on the sand, place with the sand, she would all the songs she can remember and occasionally she would call her father if when would he get out of the water.

She was afraid to step into the water for the first time, she cried with all the fears in the world and her parents thought that she would be like that forever. They tried to make her face that fear by frequently coming to the beach and then she just liked it there.

One day I went out fishing with Andreia and this time I want her to hold the homemade bamboo rod that all fishermen used right there. There were no modern rods and reels. Everything was traditional. She held the rod and when I saw a snag I told her to jerk the rod pulling it out of the water. There was fish! We call the fish right there, “Buga-ong.”

Buga-ong means greedy. This species of fish are aggressive and would strike anything that they think is food. From three finger size to its full size, this fish’s reputation remains the same.

When the fish was out of the water, she pulled it into the sand and of course the fish was just trying to flap and flap to escape from the hook. Well, I wanted her to learn a lesson that day, she was frightened of how the fish behaved.

Daddy the fish is talking! She screamed.

I just looked at her with compassion and with all the readiness to laugh, I rubbed her head and told her, “the fish makes some funny sounds sometimes and I am sure it is not talking to you.”

She cried and tried to let it sink to her he thoughts that something alive was pulled out from the ocean and then it seems like it’s talking to her.

That day, she learned something. She was always out with me whenever I had the opportunity to go fishing. Our house was just ten minutes walk to the white sand beach where a coral reef was always there waiting for me to stand on as I enjoyed the joys of fishing.

Andreia Claudette, is just exactly like her mother. Full of curiosity and adventure, she tries to explore the world right now in a different way. She is a member of three orchestras in Bangkok and occasionally would always love to go out fishing with her dad anywhere else in the Kingdom of Siam. She is also a fan of Jeremy Wade’s TV series, River Monsters. She likes the thought that there is always something and some place to explore.

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