Yolanda: Devastation Beyond Imagination

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Yolanda hit hard a lot of islands in the Philippines and we don’t have to put the details here. We have heard stories of lives and properties taken, technical terms on the hurricane’s immense devouring properties. There were photos taken, yet another storm is coming to finish of what it has started.

We have borrowed photos form the ABS-CBN on how it looked like after, we can’t take photos on site for now. We are fund raising for the victims right over here in Thailand. As soon as we get enough money, we shall take this amount to the people straight away, no politicians and second men involved.

There are already who responded to our plea and we really appreciate you help. We have more plans on how we could raise more funds in order for us to give more. This is not easy for us to do, yet, the human spirit to survive and be resilient drives us to do the best we can where ever we are.

Thai friends, Filipino friends and family, friends from abroad, former students, colleagues are already working with us on how we could really help for good. As we are enjoying a=our roofs and hot meals, they are now suffering from all of the unimaginable feelings of the experiences they have had from hurricane Haiyan and plus of how they were left by the disaster is another reality to experience.

We plead and implore our friends, friend of a friend, to help us out on this project! We need more!



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