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Today is a series of performances composed of musicians coming from different orchestras worked together for our project in Tacloban. So much music has been played from 11:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

We were visited by the Philippine Ambassador to Thailand, Ambassador Garcia. She sat and enjoyed the music and took some photos with the performers and yet she came without so much fuzz. She came simply to see and give inspiration to those who tried to participate in the fundraising for the people affected by the super typhoon Haiyan.

Khun Mikah, “I was so tired but surely it was a day to remember forever.”

The performances were fabulous and the audience were encourage by it to donate for the Haiyan victims in Tacloban. As the musicians were performing, some of our friends carried donation boxes and posters of the tragedy of Haiyan. As the music went on, also, the voices of the donation callers were heard in Thai and in English.

Wawa organized everything from the set up the program proper and Khun Mikah called all her friends to help out with the performances for the whole day. As guided by Mikah, Wawa sequenced everything until everybody just dropped dead tired.

Performers were coming from different orchestras and institutions came to really perform there best as a lot of them are already well-known in Thailand and abroad.

The donation callers were actually friends and even all the musicians that performed took turns in calling out for donations.

Eion, the son of my brother Glenn, also carried a small donation box and called out for donations. The son of Ajarn Worapon also carried a small box and stood his part of his community service.

We did all our parts as Arpha and Bernie were somewhere else during the day following up with all of the requests and coordianting with people who will be performing in November 23, 2013.

Late in the afternoon Bernie joined them and there was so much fun just calling out.

Later Sairiz Santiago also came, she is a former student of mine at an international school where I work at before. She already solicited at her university but then she again came and joined us.

To friends and family who came today, we are all proud that we have done so much for the victims of Haiyan.

We thank all the musicians who participated, we really appreciate your efforts in a way that you have already done so much for the victims of Haiyan.

We are going to make it if we work hand in hand making One Voice to be heard across the globe.

Thanks guys!


String Ensemble

Rapee napawan Violin/Viola
Athiya voravijitrapun
Plengporn Tanwanichsiri
Lourna Mydes Quinto
Wiworn pachimsawat

Violin Solo
Lili Milton

Ekachai Maskulrat
Andrea Claudette Buga-ay

Cello Solo Player
Kesara Bunayamongkol


Gretchen Arnaldo Piano

Yanhee Voices Chorus

Guitar Ensemble
Phatthamon Walaiphatchara
Worapun Laithong
Tidarat Virasunti
Poompat Samngam
Monpaka Unpeng

Flute Ensemble
Worapon Kanweerayothin
Sarote Kanprasert
Kalaya Phongsthorn

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