Keyboard Cry Out

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There is no way we could get a keyboard in such a short notice. Wawa required a keyboard for the performers for the ensemble performances in November 16, 2013. Arpha and I were so desperate o find a key board. She posted on facebook the need and after just an hour Khun Lapisara left a a message that we can use there Yamaha electronic keyboard which sounds and feels exactly like a real piano.

Khun Lapisara has been an amazing friend together with her husband Khun Chanakorn Panmuan. In the middle of the night, they have accommodated us just to let us have the keyboard. When we got to there house, their dogs were already barking, middle of the night so to speak. Who comes for a keyboard in an hour like this?

We are so lucky to have great friends like them! Khun Chanakorn and Khun Lapisara are owners of Marcato Music. Finding the right instrument comes along with great people who care about friends and relationship. Go to Marcato Music for all of your music needs!

We left there house and the dogs bark on us saying, give us some peace. Khun Chanakorn and Khun Lapisara, thank you so much for providing all these for free and for friendship.

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