Sairiz: Haiyan Sentiments as a Filipina

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Sairiz Santiago is a vibrant young student of BUIC. She is a Filipina and we are always proud of her having her as a student, daughter, and friend. Sairiz sat beside me every week documenting and making schedules for community service when she was a student of an international school in Bangkok. She was also my music and art student in middle school and highschool, then she had been an officer in my School Band and Community Service Club.

She never changed a bit, she went to school with the sadness in her eyes and started a fundraising on her own to contribute to project for Haiyan victims in the Philippines. In November 16, 2013, the adventchores team had a fundraising campaign at the Central World Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand. Sairiz came at about 4:00 in the afternoon and stood her ground holding a donation box.

She stayed until we all had to rest. She worked hard!

Her community service spirit has never been changed, always determined to help others. Sairiz, we are always proud of you.

Always be the charmer, loving and caring one.

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