One Voice: Setting up!

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The event “One Voice” is coming and we were still trying to find solutions to a lot of problems about the set up. Chairs, tables, wooden panels, sound system, and everything that we needed for the event. A lot of our needs were later met and the Central World staff has been very amazing in giving us all we need for zero price. The things that we dis for this charity event was unimaginable and insanely impossible. We thank people who felt the need to support us, they have become the reality of our inspiration in helping Tacloban.

November 22, 2013, it was passed 10:00 p.m. and we have not reached Central World. We were stuck in the traffic. Excitement of the the political condition in Thailand has caused so much traffic and we have had a fundraising to make.

At 11:00 o’ clock something, we were able to get our passes to get inside the mall and set up for the event tomorrow. We divided our tasks among people we only met for the first time. We shook hands, we talked a bit, and we were already at work. Dead seriously engaged because we were running out of time. We had Arpha who was in-charge of the set up for the event, Gretchen who was the program director, Clandestine the stage manager, Elcid for the marketing, Joan our T-Shirt manager and money things, Tessa our curator for the art exhibition, Glenn for the floor management, Giselle who was with the umbrella and art doodling group, Andreia for the orchestral set up, Vicente and his girlfriend for the art set up, Janice for the floor set up.

It was a mix up of everybody from Thailand, Philippines and from everywhere else internationally.

As soon as we have set up the panels and the stage, we still had to have the chairs ready for tomorrow. No chairs came and plus no tables. We were so scared that nothing will be used for sitting on the event. We waited until 2:00 a.m. and still no chairs. Already, we were so tire of hauling thing and stuff that were so heavy from our trucks to the venue. Storage rooms to the ground floor. We were so tired and sleepy. We still had to go home and prepare for tomorrow. Plenty more to be done and yet we could not finish because of some materials things needed cannot be available then.

We decided to just go home, Bernie drove and took everybody home according to distance. The driving was like going through a bus route in Bangkok. We sent Clandestine off first, Gretchen, and then Joan, and we were home. When we got home, I had to go to a parking lot since the condominium parking had no space as an inch. When Bernie got went up to his apartment, his wife Arpha told him, “we don’t have the key to the house.” Perfect! then Where? In your brother’s car. Great! it is 4:30 in the morning. We have to go get it.

Bernie’s eye were closing when he was driving and we had to be careful. We got the key from him, went back straight, freshened up and we just dropped dead on our beds, quarter to 6:00 in the morning. We had a NAP instead of sleep and then we went straight to the venue again and did our own given tasks on our own until we had everything set and ready to go.

Thanks one and all!


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