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Our mission to Tacloban is to bring the goods that we bought from Cebu and we know that there is now power source on the island of Leyte. We knew that we must bring our own power source and how we are going to do that was quite a big question on our part. We wrote a letter to the Tank Store, and they have responded with so much equipment to bring. They gave us two sets of Powermonkey Extreme.

As an adventures and founder of www.adventchores.org, it was like a dream come true. Well we could really buy this thing, but we needed the money so much for the goods to be taken to the victims of Haiyan in Tacloban.


The Powermonkey Extreme comes a long with a foldable solar panel and a battery pack in which you can store power as a reserve and you can charge any phone directly from the solar panels that came a long with the set. It has been easy because everything was convenient. The cable connections are composed of round female socket and a USB port. Everything is universal and the set came with a lot of extra plugs and jacks that will fit ones communication, music, and whatever electronic devices. The battery pack can also be charge from a common power source using an adaptor charger.

I enjoyed using the set, I just had to mount it on my back on a hydration pack or something and my phone had extra power all the time since I had been updating our facebook page on what we were doing in Tacloban.

The battery pack charge our smartphones during the night and whenever light is not available. The battery pack came a long with USB port and a round female socket so again you can have a charging choice according to to your device charging requirement. We never ran out of juice, we always had to make calls, update status online, and we were receiving also information from Control in Bangkok at the same time.

Never would I leave for adventure without my Powermonkey Extreme . I know that I have to be connected to the world and I need lighting as well, the only portable power source that I can rely for now is this. Waterproof, portable, power efficient, it works as advertised, and it is available at Tank Store at all Central World and The Mall establishments in Bangkok.



9000 mah Lithium Polymer Battery
Durable Shell
Recharges 5v Devices
Output 700 mah Standard USB
DC Ports 2.1 amps
Waterproof for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water
Shock Resistant
LCD Screen Battery Level Display
Touch Friction for turning on and off
Three Way Charging (universal main charger, solar, USB)


Recommended For

Total outdoors men
Fishing activities
Daily use
Bird watching
Mountain Climbing


Product Price


Product is available 


How to Receive the Product

You can send a letter or drop us a note, we can get the gadget for you. Details on payment and so on will be handled by the main company. We only review good adventure products so people can know which is which. Tank Store will send the product to your doorstep as ordered.






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