Surefire G2X Pro (G2X-B)

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This little Surefire torch of a flashlight can be deceiving as you look at it. Doesn’t look fancy but the 200 lumens of light power-it was like day light. This torch is build with high grade plastic and aluminum combined together and turning this light on is tricky. One design turns on with a clicker switch at the rear end and two of them that we took with us are turned on when you press the rear end rubber and it gives a burst of light and when you twist it close it shines a permanent light. Thanks to Tank Store for providing us these amazing small and powerful torches.


We took two trucks one  loaded with almost 7 tons of goods and another Daihatsu mini truck loaded with boxes of detergent bars and vegetables on the top. Two trucks were beyond maximum capacity and we expected breakdowns though we were really crossing our fingers that we be spared from such dilemma since we were going through dangerous looting areas before reaching Tacloban City, the most destroyed by Haiyan.

The bigger truck stopped behind us while we stopped on the shoulder of a two lane road to Tacloban. Elcid shouted at me, one of the tires exploded on the right hand side. Vergilio, our truck driver insisted that we should drive to Tacloban and then just forget the out wheel of a double tire system of the rear wheels of the truck. I told him we better put on the reserve and then find a vulcanizing shop on the road. It was getting dark and I was really a little uneasy of the place where we stopped. I told our driver to hurry up with the spare tire with his assistant so we could leave.

It was dark, Elcid and I put on our  Headlamps and we were shining on the tools and tires that they were taking out and installing. Surely the headlamp did its job. Wow! 97 lumens could be brighter than the morning sun and yet we needed more light since the headlamps were fixed on our heads so we need lights to focus on what we were doing. The Surefire torches, we turned them on for two hours straight the performance was outstanding. The batteries actually held on that long and I was already expecting our bulbs to give up. The bulbs are well and has not shown any signs of beam changes since it was already too hot on the head. Two kilometers later, we found a vocalizing shop operated by suvivors of Haiyans. it was already day 22 since November 8, 2013. They have gotten back to their lives barely as they scampered for their tools and stuff to make a living on the road busy of of travelers from Ormoc and Cebu bringing goods to Tacloban.  Here we were on the side of the road, I asked our driver to have all tires fixed and vulcanized. The lad fixed all tires right there and we had to use our Fenix Headlamps and it was convenient on the both of us who where managing two trucks going to the stricken city. Yes we had the headlamps as they were also powerful at 97 lumens, yet we needed more direct light to what we were doing and Surefire has it at 200 lumens, it was like daytime.

All tires were fixed, quarter of a kilometer to our destination, all tires on the rear right hand side exploded simultaneously. I was in a mini truck and I was wondering why we can’t see their headlights anymore. I told Rowen to stop and wait on the shoulder. We waited for almost ten minutes then I told him to go back. We found them, Elcid, the driver and the assistant looking at the wreck.

We had to transfer one tire from the left rear double tire set up and mount the other to the right, leaving our truck to carry the same load minus one tire from each side. that was a gamble. This time our Fenix headlamps were in great use, we always had fixed lights from our heads. We ended up pushing the 7 ton truck becasue it will not start anymore, two military men and three civilians helped us pushing the truck back wards with the aid of a wedge, a brilliant idea of Rowen, we pushed the truck forward and it started. We reached our destination that night and unloaded everything into a destroyed church and then again our lamps shined.

While our trucks were being fixed, high beamed trucks and vehicles where passing by and it was difficult to manege since they were speeding up while we were  fixing our vehicle on the right hand shoulder of the road. The Surefire torch was a real use, I tried to mange the traffic while Elcid was managing the tire mounting and all. I was giving short burst of Surefire 200 lumens beam on trucks that did not lower their beam on us. They just had to comply since the 200 lumens short burst was really too bad for their eyes.


The next day, we distributed food and stuff to more than two thousand families and it was already dark. The city has not restored its power. They were in a hurry fixing everything; post wires and all. We still had to use our headlamps. We even fixed one broken hand of a boy, Glenn and I assisted together with Mo and Ha, Elcid took photos. The Fenix headlamp was again  the most convenient to use since the lamp was fixed on our heads.

I had to stand on top of our vehicles for two hours as I manage our team’s movement on giving the food, toiletry, sanitary things and all. The Surefire torch was a real thing up there. It was like daytime every time I pointed at something. I had to shine light to my team all the time and later Elcid joined me on top of another vehicle so that he could add more light on Glenn, Mo, Ha, Rowen, Mr. Banday, and the rest who joined us in distributing goods in Palo, Leyte.



Max Output 200 Lumens
Low Output 15 Lumens in 45 Hours
Tactical Runtime 2 Hours
Length 5.20 Inches
Bezel Diameter 1,25 Inches
Weight with Batteries 4.4 ounces
Batteries 2 123A


Recommended For

Total outdoors men
Fishing activities
Daily use
Bird watching
Mountain Climbing
Car Emergency Light


Product Price


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How to Receive the Product

You can send a letter or drop us a note, we can get the gadget for you. Details on payment and so on will be handled by the main company. We only review good adventure products so people can know which is which. Tank Store will send the product to your doorstep as ordered.






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