Sea to Summit: Wilderness Wash

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This liquid soap is a must have in your sanitary gear list in all outdoor activities. Compact and it is easy to stash in a small bag. It comes in different content size but i had the 40 ml bottle and it was really comfortable to carry. Travelling to Tacloban when we went there last November 26, 2013, it was a must to bring our own wash gear or else we have to bring something else from supermarkets. Well Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash was the answer and thanks a lot to Tank Store that made it available for team.


Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash is a small bottle to carry. It easy easy to handle and stash in your pocket or a small sanitary bag. Using this product on our trip to Mission Tacloban was a real convenience. We had to wash or take a bath anytime and we never had the luxury of going inside a batch or shower room. Wilderness Wash was available anytime and it was easy to dispense of and then just one drop of the liquid, it can cover so much skin to clean and wash. You can use one bottle multiple times in any washing situations and for our trip to Leyte we were confident that we were gonna stay clean and healthy.



Super Thick Concentrated Formula
Tough Bottle with Small Nozzle
Secure Lid (safe in your pack)
Safe for Personal Use for: pots, pans, clothes, any outdoor gear
Smaller sizes meet Airport Regulations for Carry on Liquids (under 3 ounces)


Recommended For

Total outdoors men
Fishing activities
Daily use
Bird watching
Mountain Climbing


Product Price


Product is available 


How to Receive the Product

You can send a letter or drop us a note, we can get the gadget for you. Details on payment and so on will be handled by the main company. We only review good adventure products so people can know which is which. Tank Store will send the product to your doorstep as ordered.






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