Deuter: Hydro Lite 2.0

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The trip to Tacloban was a difficult one and we needed all the liquid that we can drink in order for us to stay hydrated and ready to go all the time. Ordinary water bottles are going to be a problem since they are going to take space and occupy our hands we needed some that could just be on our backs as we go along. The Deuter Hydro Lite 2.0 was the answer and we thank Camp Supply for having this equipment available, it was really needed as you can see it in the gallery provided above.


Holding a water bottle in our hands was not really a good idea since we were all mobile. We had something carried all the time and the days and nights were so hectic that we need to remember to always rehydrate  all the time. The Deuter Hydro Lite 2.0 did its job. The days were also hot and time was running fast as we also chase the days to night as we purchased goods and delivered them to the stricken city of Tacloban. The Hydro Lite was easy on our backs, it contained the liquid properly, it was easy to fill since it had a large mouth opening and it was easy also to seal since it only have a slip system. Water was also well conserved since the tubing was perfect and when you need to drink there is a twist system that stopped the water from dripping unwantedly. The nozzle for drinking is also covered with a special cap to avoid flies from contamination and rubbing to dirty things that will also carry bacteria or virus.

Drinking from Deuter Hydro Lite was hygienic as it can be. Water stayed fresh and ready to drink. Never would we go out without one on our backs. Since the hydration pack is slim and small, you can even carry another backpack on top f it and it will be just fine for short walks.



Light Weight
Streamer System
Straps designed as a belt
Small pocket for accessories
Wide mouth and easy to clean
Tubing comes with special plumbing connectors
Twist to open and bite to drink


Recommended For

Total outdoors men
Fishing activities
Outdoor Activities
Mountain Climbing


Product Price


Product is available 


How to Receive the Product

You can send a letter or drop us a note, we can get the item for you. Details on payment and so on will be handled by the main company. We only review good adventure products so people can know which is which. Camp Supply will send the product to your doorstep as ordered.

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