Sea to Summit: Pocket Soap

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This soap is a a must have in your adventure and outdoor list of things to bring. This Sea to Summit Pocket Soap is not not like any ordinary bar of hand soap that is so bulky to carry and messy to keep in a sanitary bag. This one comes in flat leaves and there are a lot in one pack to bring around with out any mess. Pull a strip and wet you hand and our team was really thankful to have this form Tank Store as part of our hygiene package.


Cannot leave without this soap going to any outdoor adventure. In Tacloban, wehre everything was dirty, we had to keep our hands and body clean and this hygiene product does not need too much water and keeping after a leaf taken out from its pocket. We just pulled a leaf and then everything was perfect as the soap was more concentrated in  leaf form and it was easy to make a lather and spreading the soap in our hands was so easy. Having the regular bar was more difficult given the situation we faced in Tacloban. The regular soap had to be wet, the whole bar, before you can take some lather into your hands, while this one was very comfortable and actually more economical since you can also tear the leaf if you want to save.



Environtmental Phosphate and Paraben Free
Light Green Tea Fragrance
50 Soap Leaves in each pack
TSA Carry-on compliant
Comes in Five Types: Body Wash, Conditionaing Shampoo, Hand Wash, Laundry Wash, Shaving Soap


Recommended For

Total outdoors men
Fishing activities
Daily use
Bird watching
Mountain Climbing
Car Hygienic Stock


Product Price


Product is available 


How to Receive the Product

You can send a letter or drop us a note, we can get the gadget for you. Details on payment and so on will be handled by the main company. We only review good adventure products so people can know which is which. Tank Store will send the product to your doorstep as ordered.






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